Do I?


Do you want to get Panda's attention? All you need to do is throw out some "Djouwannas." Examples of the proper use of "djouwanna" are as follows:

Djouwanna go for a ride in the car?
Djouwanna belly rub?
Djouwanna drink of water?
Djouwanna go to the beach? (That's a really popular one.)
But today it was;

Djouwanna treat?

In this case, a Kong bone stuffed with chicken.

I am not the big softie that Leo is so I make her work for it. Panda, Beg Up!

Good girl.

Life isn't so bad here at Chez Panda.

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Hiya Marnie,
I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it never went through.
Perhaps this one will?

Oh, the cuteness of it all. She is such a schmoo. I know I say it a lot but it bears repeating. SCHMOO.

way to go panda. you look so good on camera!

Ohhhhohhhohhhh, what a cutie pie. I can never get enough cutie pie panda pics. Makes me want to get another doggie soooo baaaaaad, looking at that sweet face!

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