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Well, apparently something tripped an earthquake shutoff valve at our complex and we have had no natural gas since we got home yesterday. Our hot water and stove are both powered by gas so it's been a lot of uncooked food and tonight, we are resorting to nuking water to fill our sinks and enjoy the splendors of bathing in a small receptacle. But, you know, when life gives you lemons, you look at cute pictures of my dog. Right?

Update. Our landlord rocks, he's already offered to pay for a hotel if we don't get our gas back soon. I doubt it will come to that, but I definitely appreciate the offer.

Enjoy some goodness from our visit to Ventura Beach this past Sunday after the bump.

It's always fun to take Panda to the beach and even though those of you in colder climates may think that 60-70 degree weather is perfectly perfect beach weather, the locals here in LA think otherwise. That means we get the whole beach to ourselves.

And what a day it was. The sky and water were blue. The tide was low enough that there was plenty of beach to run on, and the waves were mellow enough to allow Panda to frolic as much as she'd like.

Normally, I try to catch Panda leaping for the toy, but this time, I decided to catch a couple of her take offs. She's a real rocket when we throw the squirrel.

Guess who slept well that night.


wow, it must have been bad luck for both of us yesterday. i've been living in an rv with my parents while they build our new house and the power went out for 2 hours at 8pm and the furnace wouldn't run and it was snowing out and its iowa and we have a well with an electric pump so we couldn't get any water either. heh, but thats iowa, so i hope they fix your gas soon!

I'm so sad that I wasn't there! (At least I went hiking.) If the house search pans out, perhaps after our knitting extravaganza we can meet Leo at the beach?

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