Ok, maybe it's not art, but I drew it, so it's something. I call this piece:

Did someone say, 'cookie'?

Click to see her larger.


Oh, my God! I want one--that is so cool. I'd say "it's Art". Cleaver, talented Marnie.

I don't think what you call it really matters. What matters is that you really caught the essence of Panda's doggie personality.

Could that be Ms. Panda? I think I recognize her likeness...
Very cute.

with my parents' dogs, that would be, "did someone say walk?"

Can I just say that if there were such a thing as Panda Christmas cards (or holiday cards or seasonal cards or yule cards or solstice cards or holy crap, I'm freezing my ass off cards or whatever), I would totally buy them. I think seeing Panda in a Santa hat would break my Cute-o-Meter. Heck, having her standing in the vicinity of a half-chewed candy cane would do it.

It's art, baby!

It looks like art to me.


Dude. you are so multi-talented. Stop making the rest of us look bad! :)

Seriously adorable.

Oh my gosh, that's really good, and of course you had a beautiful subject to draw. :)

*Hugs* and *Happy Holidays*

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