5th Anniversary Edition of Twist



Twist has been around for 5 years with 17 editions and I've just published my 19th pattern with them (20th, if you count the fact that Doppler is offered in both a men's and women's version).

In some ways, I feel like I've been working for Twist for a much longer time, yet in other ways, it feels like it's all just flown by. But if there's one thing I'm positive about, it's that I am a better designer today, for my experience working for and with Twist Collective.

I think fall editions are always really exciting. While knitting is great year round, depending on where you live, summer can feel too hot for even the lightest piece and winter can be so bitterly cold that everything is hidden under layers of protective outwear. But autumn is the goldilocks zone for knits. I hope you'll agree that this edition has a great mix of projects, regardless of your skill, climate, or style.

My piece, this season, is Foxcroft, a shawl collar pullover with argyle style cables running up the front and back.

Photo Copyright Jane Heller

Don't you love the model? She's the photographer's mother and I think she's radiant.

There's tons more in the edition, so I hope you'll take a look. Oh and keep an eye on the blog, twitter, facebook, and ravelry group, because we still have more anniversary prizes to give away.


I love the sweater and most especially the model. In fact all of the models are pretty wonderful. The photographers really out did themselves this issue!

It's a wonderful issue of Twist, with several patterns I would like to knit.

I do like Foxcroft very much, and I was very pleased to see an elderly model. I turn 50 this autumn, and it was both great to see that one could remain radiant (good choice of word on your part) beyond that, and that the sweater patterns she modeled were also ageless.

I do have a question about Foxcroft. Alpaca makes me itch, so I don't think I could knit it in the recommended yarn. If you had to knit it out of a non-alpaca yarn, is there one you would especially recommend?

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