Happy Halloween


To my friends, family and readers who are dealing with hurricane Sandy, please stay safe, dry and warm. And to everyone, have a happy Halloween.

Wildfred Leo and I will be confusing our dogs and neighbors in our toasty warm costumes.

Leo and Marnie as Wilfred and Bear_01 Leo and Marnie as Wilfred and Bear_06

I suspect most trick-or-treaters will be coming via car since we have rain aplenty, but I'm predicting a surplus of candy rations, at the end of the night, despite our ongoing quality control checks of our stockpile.


Awesome costumes!!! I just love Wilfred, Leo looks spot on!

You both look adorable! The pups look a little confused: "Have they grown nice practical fur clothes like ours?"
We rarely have many trick or treaters. We live in a densely populated area that is almost entirely condos with several townhouses - ours is one of 4 single family houses on the block. On a normal year we'll have anywhere from 0 to 5. So I asked my partner to pick up ONE bag of Halloween candy just to be on the safe side. Well, of course, he came back from the store with SIX bags - some double sized. And of course, we han NO trick or treaters. I have to figure out how t hide it from myself. Unfortunately, it's mostly stuff I love like Butterfingers. 8-(

That picture is too cute!

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