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About 6 years ago, I designed Deciduous. I really loved the idea of the pattern, with it's organically shaped cables forming trees up the front. I've always known, though, that it would have a very limited appeal, being worked in an expensive yarn that's hard to substitute (cables on a tank top can't be worked in many yarns and still remain comfortable) in a style that may not be appropriate for many people's lifestyles and climate. I've had it in my head for a long time that I'd like to use those cables in a long sleeve garment using a yarn that's readily available, affordable and easy to substitute. It's been a long time coming, but Cercis is the result.

Cercis is offered in 12 sizes:
32 ½ (34, 36 ½, 38, 40 ½, 41 ½, 44, 45 ½, 48, 52, 55 ½, 59 ½)"
82.5 (86.5, 92.5, 96.5, 103, 105.5, 112, 115.5, 122, 132, 141, 151) cm

It's worked in 4 easy pieces and seamed together.

The pattern has tons of fitting tips, row and stitch counts at every step and every chart has a chart key on the same page. While the document is 11 pages long total, I've grouped information so you'll only need to print a few pages, as needed, saving you ink and paper.

In addition to releasing this pattern, I've decided to adjust my pricing model to be more consistent across the board. This means I've dropped the price of almost all my self published garment patterns (my Twist Patterns are not effected by this change.)

Check out all the details of the pattern here
Find the pattern on Ravelry here.

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Wow. Marnie, this is beautiful. Great thinking.

This is just lovely and very flattering. It's wonderful that you selected a yarn that comes in a stunning range of colors. I'm sure you'll see a lot of versions in that great rainbow of options.


you look absolutely stunning in a gorgeous sweater

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