I like big projects and I cannot lie.


Yup, I just paraphrased Sir Mix-A-Lot in my blog title. That's the sort of classy content you've come to expect from my blog. But it's true, I've knit a lot of hats and mitts and an occasional sock in my time, but those projects don't really interest me. I like something more involved like a sweater or a shawl. Those projects, like a good novel, take so much time and thought that they start to become intertwined with my memories. Stephen King's The Stand will be forever mixed into my memory of the summer my best friend went away to camp while I stayed behind, so too, do my biggest projects feel like a milepost.

I've had my sewing machine since April -- less than 5 months -- and even taking time off to travel for work, and complete some deadline knitting, I've made around 30 sewn projects since then. Finishing a project in a day has some real charm, especially when I love wearing what I've sewn, but I've been craving something more involved and I like nothing if not a chance to dive into the deep end of the pool towards an inevitable belly flop.

Enter my first(ish*) ever quilt.

My first quilt_06

This particular quilt pattern is called a Disappearing Nine Patch and I learned about it from this YouTube video.

Despite being a ridiculously basic quilt pattern, you can see that my seams are all misaligned.

My first quilt_05

And let's not even get started on my attempt at mitered corners, or how 1/3rd of the blocks are oriented in the wrong direction. It's all such a mess that I ended up opting to finish the quilt with ties instead of machine quilting.

But, you know what? I don't care, I loved making the quilt, I loved the colors in the fabric and devoting several days to the project. (I got the fabric here after Wendy tweeted about the shop.

My first quilt_21

The end result is laughable in a lot of ways but I'm so excited to start my next one with the hopes of someday building up the skills to make something beautiful to use on our bed (where it will be promptly destroyed by the three dogs who have free rein of the household.)

If I had one suggestion for a new quilter, it would be to use fabric you love looking at. Making a quilt isn't inexpensive, and your first attempt is likely to have some mistakes but if you just adore the fabric, you will still have something you love, every step of the way.

Also, try to ignore the peanut gallery

My first quilt_11
Everyone's a critic

* Back in maybe 1998, I made a small quilt top, but whatever it was that I knew then, which wasn't much, has long been forgotten.


I've been considering making a quilt for a while and this is just the inspiration that I neeeded! I've made a simple machine stitched patch quilt, but this looks pretty easy, too. thanks!

I think it is great! The colours are awesome and I can't see any mistakes.

And I think that if I believed in psychics, I'd think you were channelling me since this is the pattern (Disappearing Nine-Patch) that I've been contemplating making.

Much as I enjoy looking at your quilt (and the colours are so pretty) the peanut gallery is by far the best bit! (Sorry).

You did a great job! My first quilt is pretty bad, I gave it to my mom but she loves it. I tied mine too. But if you just keep going and trying harder and harder stuff, you will learn. It's a really fun hobby once you get going. I'm a better quilter than knitter any day of the week.

Okay. Now it is my turn. I've just Googled the heck out of that type of quilt and have nearly assembled the blocks. You are an enabler.

I think it turned out fantastic - my first quilt was just squares of various prints that didn't line up and I had to severely fudge the binding to cover the batting (now I know better), so don't knock your quilt! Definitely adding this pattern to my list.

It's awesome! And I don't know what the heck you are talking about with misaligned seams!? It's pretty tied but I am sure you could've quilted it and had that turn out well, too. I am stunned at how quickly you churned this puppy out. Congrats - I LUUURVE IT.

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