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The other night, I bound of the second of my two projects due for publication. I'm really excited about them and I wish I could show you now, but if I did that, I wouldn't be getting any future publication projects to report on and that might cut into the ol' bottom line around here, so let's move on to what I've been doing when I haven't been frantically knitting.

I've been sewing. It looks like a lot but these have all been very quick projects. Some projects have been more successful than others and I'm really only just starting to feel comfortable making modifications and adjustments to the patterns. Clicking on photos will take you to larger views and more details about the projects themselves.

Simplicity 4032:
Simplicity 4032_07
Not impressed with the floppy, curly details.

This was not a success. It's OK, but the fleece curls along the raw edges, and the facings aren't really well secured, so they need to be tucked in each time you put it on. Instead of being a charming little alternative to a fleece sweatshirt, it's fussy and unfinished looking. It also has a really wide cross-back width and more ease than I like. While I like the idea of the project, if I try again, I'll forego the fleece and opt for a nice wool melton (which is spendier than my current budget allows for) and I'll cut a couple inches out of the overall width along the princess seam lines.

Vogue 8634
Cute sweatshirt is cute!

This project could not be easier and I love it. It's rated "very easy" and rightfully so. There are no notions, no interfacing, no lining, no easing anything in, just a bunch of straight seams and a comfortable fit. It definitely has a casual feel in this cotton jersey, but I've seen versions online, worked in a dressier fabric and it could definitely go over a pencil skirt and look right at home. I will most definitely sew this one again.

Vogue 8643
Where did I put my martini?

I ended up doing a lot of altering on this piece and I still am not sold on it. I know it's an apron and aprons are just meant to save me from my own clumsy nature, but seriously, there is so much ease that I feel like it just looks sloppy. I think a lot of that would be resolved with ties instead of a button for the back, but I also seem to be lacking a bit in whatever it takes to fill in the top of the garment ::coughboobscough::. Definitely a good learning project even if I won't use the piece all that much.

Butterick 4132

This is another keeper and another pattern I'd be completely happy to sew again. The fabric is stuff I've had in stash since before I met Leo so I have absolutely no idea what it is but it's some sort of jersey with a flocked velvet border print. I had to make some modifications to accomodate the peculiarities of the fabric and if I had my druthers, I'd make it a little longer, and a little less sheer, but I still think I'll get some good mileage out of this piece, regardless.

I have a few weeks before the next deadline project will commence so I'm guessing I'll be sewing quite a bit more before then. At some point, I'd like to take on something a little more advanced, but for now, it's been so much fun cranking out simple little pieces to supplement my meager wardrobe.


You are just sewing up a storm, Marnie! I love the red top with border print.

If you haven't yet, you should consider posting your reviews at patternreview.com - positive and less-than-positive reviews are welcome there.

To secure down facings so you don't have to fuss with them invest in some stitch witchery.

It's not expensive, requires only a wet towel and iron, and makes life insanely easier. Everything looks wonderful by the way. :)

Really surprised at that you found the Vogue patterns easy. I haven't sewn much recently (just Halloween costumes) but back when I was young & skinny I sewed all my work clothes. It may be hard to believe now but there was a time when it was hard to find size 3 clothes. I found Vogue patterns to be unnecessarily fussy. Sure they were really well tailored & looked nice but I had good results with Butterick or even McCall's patterns & they were much easier to sew up. Both tops are really cute, especially the red one.

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