Rosa Rugossa Singles


It's a funny thing, I love to knit with solid or semi-solid yarns and large swathes of stockinette don't bore me a bit. From the comments I've seen in many people's ravelry projects, my taste for knitting is a veritable snoozefest for many. It's peculiar, then, that I can't say the same about spinning. As much as I love to knit solid yarns, spinning solid yarns takes me forever. Of course, I am more likely to then knit that final yarn but I drag my feet the whole way. Those crazy handpainted yarns in all their vivid colors are just so much more fun for me to spin (at least the singles are, I don't care what the fiber color, plying makes me yearn for the excitement of watching grass grow.)

But there's a compromise; solids that gently fade into other solids producing a gradual transition from one color to the next and one of my favorite dyers is serving up a beautiful assortment right now.

Rosa Rugossa
1. Rosa Rugossa Singles, 2. Rosa Rugossa Combed Top, 3. Rosa Rugossa Singles, 4. Rosa Rugossa Singles

The colorway is Rosa Rugossa and it's a soft blend of superwash merino, bamboo and nylon. The 4 ounces gave me about 792 yards of singles at about 24 wpi. I think it'll make a really lovely shawl one of these days.

I bought another 4 ounces in her Blueberry Campout colorway as well.

Blueberry Campout Combed Top

There's something about that shade of orange that just makes my heart go pitter-pat.


Oh but some of us are more than happy to have large swaths of stockinette for garments!! Truly!

The colors are lovely and your spinning is beautiful, Marnie. I have the same issue with spinning vs knitting. I tend to "treat" myself with something fun after slogging through something rather boring.

I love your designs on Ravelry because they are so well cut and the stockinette supports the elegance of your designs.

Whoever finds them "snoozy" totally misses the point!!!

Oh my - the rosa rugosa is just su-blinking-perb! I agree about the joys of spinning colours, it just keeps me happily occupied for ages. Such bliss!

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