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I'm giving my main site a bit of a facelift, which I think is long overdue. I unveiled the previous redesign about a year after I started blogging, and its been almost 6 years since then.

I'm still playing with the colors and the fonts and the little bits and pieces, but I've cleaned out a lot of the clutter, both visually and in the content.

I can't bring myself to get rid of the doggy themed blog format (yet) because Thea's face makes me laugh every time I see it but the rest of the site should reflect the new design.

I'm also working on a little self published piece, Marmalade Skies*.

The pattern is fully written and I'm working on scheduling someone to tech edit the piece. It's was a really fast knit for me, taking just 10 days and the only seams are under the arms and sewing down the neck facing. Loads more pictures here.

As a reward for all this productivity, I might need to make another batch of these.

Apple Butter Fingerprint Cookies

A big "thank you" to Rebeca Velasquez for suggesting the name. I love it.


I like the new look, but I'm glad to see Thea's face isn't going anywhere - it makes me smile too. The new sweater is lovely!

I love the new sweater!

I love the photo of your new sweater; the marmelade stripes glow in that awesome overcast light.

Please don't change the doggie theme...I love your knit designs but some days I just need a dose of doggie cuteness ...your blogging and pictures of them had a part in me getting my own pup !

Ooooh, that's a gorgeous sweater! Stripes are so visually pleasing to me, and I love the little funnel neck. Lovely!

I love the perfect color harmony of the sweater stripes and the cookie filling. Thoroughly excellent!

I just watched a Knitty Gritty with you knitting a dog sweater with Shannon Okey & another knitter [name sadly forgotten]. I'm positive it was one of your girls modeling ... she was so well behaved and posed beautifully for the camera !

So glad you're keeping Thea on the blog. I remember the first time I saw your blog. . . I was enchanted with that face. She looks a bit worried--serious about knitting, no doubt.

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