Why I'm rarely grumpy



That is all.

Ok, there's also this

Focaccia Bread from start to belly

But I'd choose the former over the latter, if pressed.


Both look delicious.

The food looks yummy--beautiful breads. But those puppies! I really had to try to figure out which head belongs to which dog!!So cute they are. Re: yesterday's post--I love how your dying came out. I have printed your recipe so I can try it. I just ordered a bunch of yarn blanks with the intention of trying Kool Aid dying. Thanks!

Yeah, I'd go with the first one, too!

Puppies would win hands down with me (& I LOVE good bread.) We stopped at Borders today & there was a grayhound rescue group with dogs up for adoption there (the closest dog racing track closed & they have 350 dogs to place. There was one that just stole my heart - I really wanted to bring her home with us. But my partner pointed out that the cats would probably not forgive us & make life miserable for the poor pup - but she was so cute.

Pups - hands down (& I love bread) We stopped at Borders while out today & there was a greyhound rescue group there with pups (the only Midwest dog racing track closed which is good news IMHO & they have 350 dogs to place) - one in particular just grabbed my heart - oh how I wanted to bring her home with us. But my partner pointed out that neither of us knows squat about taking care of dogs & our cats would probably make life miserable for a pup. We did give money for food for them - seems like too little.

Ahem, recipe please? For the bread, not the pups. I don't eat anything cute.

my regards to you and to you cool animal blog :)

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