Another good night's sleep for two border collie crosses


Anyone with herding dogs appreciates the value of a sleepy dog, of which I now have two. Today, the weather report said thunder showers for the coast. I was somewhat concerned about the idea of sky-electricity and large bodies of water, but it's been a while since the girls got their paws wet and it didn't take much persuading to convince me to at least give it a shot.

There was hail, and rain, and a wee bit of wind, but mostly, it was a downright beautiful day.

Manzanita Beach -- October 3, 2009
Click to embiggen 1. Fetch in front of cloud, 2. Leaping Bear, 3. My sweet man, 4. Hail, 5. Run run run, 6. The calm after the storm, 7. Ominous clouds, 8. Throw it, already, 9. Silly monkey, 10. Return with the squirrel, 11. The hail cloud in the distance, 12. Run in the water, 13. Blue skies break through
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The girls are content, indeed. See the entire set here.


Happy, happy dogs... See? There's a reason I don't have the energy for a herding dog!

I live too far from the salty waters, but this is making me itch to visit Lake Michigan this fall. Beautiful shots.

We had weird start to Spring this year. First there's the dust storm and now thunder storm and rain. We didn't have as much fun as the girls as we stayed in Stephen's flat throughout the rain. Wish one day we get to visit the beach and leave pretty foot prints.

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