Making ourselves at home


The move into the new house took 4 days of solid, dirty, heavy, achy, seemingly endless work, but, compared to years where the weather has been in the triple digits and we've had flights of stairs to scale, this move was relatively easy. I'm not saying I want to have to lug a washer and dryer again, but it could definitely have been worse.

And really, when you are moving into your first home, everything is rosy colored and splendid.

I've taken this week off and am making slow progress getting things up from the garage and into their respective rooms, and when Leo gets home, he gets decidedly handy. There has been sawing and drilling and some hammering as needed.

Now that we are officially house-poor, it seemed only appropriate to make a big hearty batch of beef-lentil stew to keep our energy up and our food costs in order.

Stew Stew

This is the same recipe I blogged about a few months back, only I beefed (ha!) it up with some english short ribs and chuck, which I seared and then slow cooked for 4 hours. A great way to christen my huge new kitchen and a yummy versatile meal. Each day, we garnish it differently so we don't get bored.

And when we aren't eating, we're taking in the lovely views from our various decks.


But my favorite view, today, is my new craft room. What a luxury!

My Craft Room
1. Enter the room, 2. The big stuff, 3. Yarn closet, 4. Shelves, 5. Closeup of pictures, 6. Buckets and books, 7. Dogs for scale, 8. Crochet corset
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Ok, that last picture isn't in my craft room, but it is a closeup of a piece I just finished crocheting.

Click on any of the text links to embiggen the little thumbnails.

To all of you who sent me congrats, thank you so much. Life is a little crazy right now, but I read and love each and every comment. Please don't take it personally if I haven't had a chance to reply.


ooh i've been behind! i didn't realize you and leo found a home already! congratulations!!!!

Beautiful! We're very happy for you!

Belated congrats! We just bought a new house too, isn't moving fun??? Your craft room is nice! I'm still in the midst of moving my quilting room, I'm letting the movers lug the boxes of fabric up the stairs! The lentil stew sounds yummy!

Congrats again! I'm so happy for you guys! And a craft room- aaahhh... :)


Congratulations! New house AND a craft room! That is great.

What a fabulous craft room! I can feel the inspiration pooling in there already! Congrats again!

Wow! Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for you, Leo and the girls!

Your room looks great, your views spectacular!!! I'm not complaining, because I have a little room all for me, but the house we hope to buy means I'll have a large room with big windows!!!! I wouldn't be sad to leave my tiny room stacked with yarn and fabric and other stuff. :) I'm glad you're liking your new home!!

That recipe sounds yummy.
When we get cold weather next month, I think I'll make a batch for the freezer (Oscar husband loves taking home cooked food to work).
*drooool* over the craft room (metaphorically, no damp spots). Imagine all the gorgeousness that's gonna come out of that space!
Congratulations, there is nothing like shaping your very own space in the world. :-}

No wonder you missed the Sock Summit ! Gorgeous yarn and great classes pale against moving into the FIRST house/home. Settle in and enjoy ... home ownership is another step on the growing up continuum. The girls can relax as well. What joy !

Congrats on your house - nothing like having a place all your own (well except for that 80% or so the bank owns). I am jealous of the decks & craft room. We had been planning on adding a room on to our house with a deck - it was to be my craft room. But the economy & the decreased value of our house made us reconsider. maybe I'll empty out the guest room & use that - yours looks so cute. Do you actually have one lilac wall & the rest blue? I love the colors!

my #1 reason for loving having my own place? i can have freezers! you could freeze the leftovers and have a quick meallater on (i make 3 gallon batches of soup/chili, and freeze it for later)

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