Twist Collective Fashion Show at the Tigard Knitting Guild


For any of my readers who might be local, or even local-ish, I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be MCing a fashion show for Twist Collective at the Tigard Knitting Guild, this Thursday at 7pm.

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If you are already a member, wonderful. I hope you'll be able to join us. But even if you don't have a membership to the guild, they graciously allow you to attend as a guest, twice, completely free of charge. So if you've been thinking about joining, now might be a good chance to give the guild a test drive.

You'll see pieces from all of your favorite Twist contributors including another local's work, Ms. Chrissy Gardiner, designer and author of Toe Up!

I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am with the beauty of the pieces I'll be showing and I only hope I'll do them justice at the event.


I would love to have some friendly faces to cheer me on and maybe laugh as I try to pronounce Poffertjes, so if you will be around, do drop in.

Apropos nothing, here's Thea sleeping.



Sleeping angels are never aprops of nothing! They keep our worlds in order and remind us of what is important :-) Smoochies to Thea (and Panda of course!)

I agree with Erica! And, how do you pronounce Proffertjes? profit-yez?

aw, I WISH I could be there!

Smart girl! I have that same blanket in blue and it is cuddly! Is she on the back of the couch?

It is amazing the places the pups can find comfortable to sleep and how cute they are. Looking forward to the show on Thursday.

Oh how I wish I could go.... I know you'll do great!

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