23 days of spinning


The Tour de Fleece is over and I managed to spin every single day. No one is more shocked than I am. I admit, I may have splurged on a few hits of fiber, along the way, but the result is thousands (!!!) of yards of finished yarn. If I were to add all the individual plies, I'd have quite a few miles, but even when I count only the yardage of the finished yarns, I have something like 2 miles worth of yarn of my very own making. I'm feeling pretty good about that.

My stint in the tour is marked by some truly wonderful memories. Not only did I take my spindle to the Tigard Knitting Guild

Spinning while I wait

But we also had a visit to Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the Oregon Zoo (thanks Erica!)

Oregon Zoo -- Ladysmith Black Mambazo

And we saw Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Bagdad Theater. If you are wondering, which you shouldn't be, he is awesome.

Spinning at the Bagdad Theater
Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Bagdad

At home, the girls donned some works in progress.

IMG_0063.JPG Prism as hat

After 22 days, I had all this.

End of the Tour de Fleece 09

On the 23rd day, I added some lace weight singles to the pile

Finished prism singles

And in an effort to pose a mile in my pup's shoes, I wrapped almost all my new skeins around my own neck (in 95 degree weather, no less) and snapped a few more shots.

End of the Tour de Fleece 09

Even after 23 days of spinning, I was still enjoying myself and I'm surprised to report that I don't feel burned out on spinning at all. Perhaps it's the fact that I worked with such beautiful fibers or that I produced yarns I'm excited to knit, or maybe it's just that I didn't feel pressured to produce a certain amount or a particular type of yarn. Regardless of the reasons, I feel it was a good exercise and the girls got mighty used to all the treats they'd get after the various photo shoots, so they don't seem to be complaining either.

And as a side note, you can see some beach pictures from the weekend, here.

Beach fun in the fog


You produced some really gorgeous yarns, Marnie (not that I'm surprised!). Thanks for posting about the Tour; you're always one of my spinning inspirations.

Oh Marnie, it's all sooooo beautiful! I started spindle spinning again since I couldn't take my wheel on vacation and loved it. I'm not too great at it when the spindle gets very full, and need some info on that. Do you know anyone how can give some tips on loading a spindle to its capacity? Have a great day and keep showing us all of that inspiration!

P.S. Quincy says hi to the girls...

You totally rock - on many levels. But the fact that you love Neil Degrasse Tyson makes me think it even more.

I'm going to have to try this - someday.

Gorgeous yarn! But I have to say I am really jealous - Ladysmith Black Mombazo AND Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Wow - I'd be happy to see either one but both - Wow!

Neil deGrasse Tyson? How I envy you!!! You are both so cool! Gorgeous yarn too!!!

Awesome spinning - looks like fun!!!

Do you ply with your spindles? If so, could you write a post on your favorite method(s)? I have a few different ways to play, but I'm not really thrilled with any of them. I love spinning with my spindles, almost more than with my wheel, but when it comes time to ply, I wish I had spun the singles on my wheel.

I shall steal your idea of adorable yarn + pup photos - I've quietly been spinning lots during TdeF even if I didn't formally join in.

Of course, in order to create maximum adorableness I should dye some pale blue to match Lunil's eyes, then photograph her suitably adorned.

Lovely photos, as ever.

Thanks Marnie for your reply, I am sure that you do both love your dogs equally. It puts my mind at rest as I am a great dog lover. Hope you were not offended at my comments. Love and best wishes to you all. Keep up the great blog.

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