Lovely locks


I couldn't help myself, I had to spin up all those gorgeous cormo locks I got in Maine.

Extreme closeup

I spun the locks up semi-woolen, by simply loosening the locks lightly with my fingers and spinning them from a very lightly held fist. I tried hand carding them, but cormo is really delicate and the carders tend to snap the fibers. It's really unnecessary to card them, anyway and hand prepping the locks lets you pick out any random second cuts and VM (of which there was very little.)

Cormo green sea

I spun up three bobbin and plied them together into a three-ply. With all it's sproing and bounce and just a wee bit of halo, it should make spectacular cables; perhaps on a warm pair of mittens. I chose to ply off of three bobbins instead of chain plying because I wanted to blend all the tonalities as much as possible and minimize any strong striping. I'm really happy with the end result.

Two skeins of cormo

In the end the 4 ounces worked up into about 230 yards and about 10 wpi. Now all I need is more time to knit my spinning.


Lovely! Seeing all your spinning is inspiring me to get back to spinning too. I love hearing the story of a yarn and how you come to decide how to spin it.

The yarn came out fantastic! I love it. You're making me feel like I really need to do mine now.

Beautifully done! Plus, I'm always partial to the color green.

What georgous yarn...makes me want to go home and spin. :)

Delicious. And the finished yarn feels true to the source fiber.

Oh my, that is the yummiest looking yarn I've seen in a long time! It will make a gorgeous pair of cabled mittens or a cabled hat. I just remembered that my grandma used to make cabled mittens for all her grands every Christmas out of lovely squishy creamy wool.

Nice job, Marnie! Don'cha just love Cormo?!! I can't seem to get that nice of results without careful carding - your yarn looks wonderfully spun and squishy!

VLFNeJ Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

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