Just in time for summer


A crisp cool linen skirt. What could be nicer on a hot day?

Plaid linen skirt Plaid linen skirt

This will definitely need a slip or underskirt, since it's a bit sheer, but that seems fine to me. I think I'll pair them with my black Doc Martin mary janes.

All in all, a fun little project that was a good mindless knit. I love how the linen softens and tightens up when washed and dried. Except for the bit of ironing it will require, it should be a sturdy and low maintenance piece. On that note, does anyone have a visceral response to putting their knits in the dryer? I'm so used to hand washing and drying. Even knowing that linen loves to be washed and dried, didn't keep me from feeling a little dread when I put her in the dragon's maw.


Linen and denim were made for the dryer - they thrive there! Love how it turned out. Now let's see it modeled!

I always machine wash my linen and hemp. They turn out beautifully and get nicer with the tumbling action.

If it's knitted then spin and dry flat, woven fabric dry in the dryer or on the line (it's always line dry for me but I do HAVE a dryer for emergency use).

yes. i feel the dread. i usually put the skirt in the spin cycle in the washer, and then put it in the dryer for ten minutes or so, then air dry.

cute skirt!

Love the skirt - never would have thought it would work, but it does!
I also hand wash-and-dry my knits but my mum doesn't so I've had to accept that the things I make her may end up in the dryer!

I'm a machine washer and dryer for this kind of stuff, but I chicken out and pull it out of the dryer just "shy" of dry and then lay it out for the rest of the day... (looks wonderful!)

Very nice and I think it will look awesome with your Docs. I hope we get to see a pic of you in it!

oooh, i love it, but second julia's request for a model shot. i just read a post by another knitter who felt the actual washing and drying process improved the drape and strength of the linen. here is a link.


i say wash away. and sounds like you are house hunting round the portland area, hope you are having lots of good luck.

I'm too paranoid for the dryer! Now I don't have one anymore but I'd linedry it anyway since it's a loose knit and not cloth. Hemp and linen knits can really start to look faded and worn after a few trips through the w/d.

Btw is this an available pattern? Me want!

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