La Cumparsita



The pattern for La Cumparsita is now available for purchase. Get all the details about the pattern here.

Though I've shown it as a shawl, this pattern is the perfect size to wrap around your neck as a versatile scarf, easily unfurled to cover those chilly arms or shoulders, when you are out for a nice meal or at the theater.

The pattern is made up of two simple lace motifs that grow down and out from the top center point. A simple picot bind off adds a charming touch to the hem of the shawl. The pattern will beautifully showcase your favorite kettle dyed, and nearly solid hand-painted sock yarns, or would look striking in a silk or mohair yarn.


Oh, Marnie, that is so, so gorgeous!!

Just WOW. WOW... that is so beautiful shawl.

Very nice! I just bought it!

OMG - I ordered the exact yarn you used the other day, thinking that it would arrive before your pattern was ready - now I have the pattern, but have to wait for the yarn;-(!

anyway, thank you for this absolutely gorgeous pattern - I cannot WAIT to get it on the needles!

keep up the good work,

Beautiful!! When I'm done with the shawl I'm working on now, I am all over this. :)

Lovely picture, lovely pattern, simply lovely. :)

Hey, do you mind e-mailing me the name of your favorite sushi place? We're going to be in PDX next month.

Wow - that is really beautiful. I love how feminine the pattern is & the awesome way you show it off in this pic.

I have no doubt you'll sell that fast!

That shawl is gorgeous!

I have a question about the foundation chart, Row 1. I am new to lace and knitting, so please bear with me.
I have cast on 5 stitches and the chart, (reading from right to left and starting at the bottom)doesn't make sense to me. I am a novice though. Is it P1, M1, P1, M1, P1? If so, I have two extra stitches. Help! I know I am doing something wrong.

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