For the guy who lives with all my yarn, here's something made of yarn


The Leo scarf is done. I cut it off the loom yesterday after work, and sneaked in all the finishing when Leo wasn't looking. A quick wash and cycle through the drier and it went from firm and crisp to soft and light.

Red and Brown Plaid Scarf for Leo
1. Folded, 2. Around the neck, 3. Extra warm like this, 4. Rippled
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I am really happy with the results though the selvages are still a little rough in places. It's getting easier and easier to keep them even which makes the process more fun.

I love this yarn, by the way. It's very easy to weave, comes in oodles of colors and is clearly very colorfast. The red didn't smudge at all even though I soaked it in the hottest water my tap could produce, before I sent it through the dryer. It's quite firm off the spool but it really softens up after washing. Leo's pretty picky about softness and it completely passed inspection.

I lost some size in the drying process (which I expected, it's cotton, after all) but it also made the fabric much more cohesive looking, filling in all the gaps between threads and evening out a lot of little inconsistencies. All in all, I think this is a very practical piece and since it requires less than one spool of each color, it's also a very affordable piece.

Project Specs

  • Yarn: Maysville 8/4 Cotton Warp in (percentage of total scarf in each color listed):
    • Linen: 44%
    • 8dk Brown: 32%
    • Ecru: 15%
    • Cardinal: 11%
  • Weight: 6.5 oz / 184 g
  • Design: My own
  • Width: 13" / 33 cm (after washing)
  • Fringe: 7.5" / 19 cm (after washing)
  • Length: 65" / 165 cm (after fringe)
  • Loom: Ashford 32" rigid heddle loom
  • DPI: 10



Very nice, Marnie!

Your plaid is very even too! That's not easy!

I'm surprised the carpet warp is soft enough.But I honestly haven't woven that much with it by itself, so I definitely take your word for it!

it's awesome, marnie! and of course, leo likes it, so a big thumbs up :)

fantastic!! i love it. you are tempting me even more to begin weaving. after i move to portland, i'm all over it!

Gorgeous! Leo is a very lucky guy! Once I've mastered spinning and dyeing, weaving is next on my list of things to try.... that could be some time away though!

Very manly! Now he needs a kilt to go with it (but that would also mean kilt hose). ;-)

Awww! Lucky Leo. The scarf is beautiful! :)

well, you can probably read my mind on this one...

What a great scarf! Can't wait to see what you weave next.

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