Keeping it simple


As much as I love wearing scarves I really don't enjoy knitting them, but throw me in front of a loom and I can't stop myself.

My third scarf is a simple pattern: just a strand each of tencel and cotton in similar colors.

Simple Purple Scarf
1. Simple Purple Scarf, 2. Simple Purple Scarf detail, 3. Simple Purple Scarf, 4. Simple Purple Scarf
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

The colors both catch the light slightly differently giving it just a little bit of depth and texture. And since there's no wool, it's a great all seasons wrap or scarf. I can see keeping this in my beach bag and throwing it over my shoulders once the sun sets.

Project Specs

Simple Purple Scarf and pup

As always, my quality control inspector was never far.


wow. your scarves are just lovely!

gorgeous color!

Those selvedges are looking nice! You learn quickly--that's no surprise.

Absolutely beautiful! I've been enjoying seeing/reading about your weaving and love seeing all the different projects. The drape and color of this scarf is just lovely.

wowee wow wow.

Great fiber choice and beautiful scarf! Your selvedges look really nice, too. I agree - would much rather weave a scarf than knit one. I like to use handpainted sock yarn for warp!

Amazing color! You are weaving in your sleep right? :)

i agree with you completely! love scarves, but knitting them takes so long! i get bored, so weaving sounds perfect. i love it!

yet again, love, love, LOVE the scarf. feeling mildly jealous over here. ;)

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Your scarves are lovely! My boyfriend has agreed to a loom as my birthday present and I'm doing research on what types of rigid heddle looms folks like. I hope it's okay to ask a couple of questions: How have you liked the Ashford? How about the 32" width? I'm looking at the Ashford Knitter's and the Kromski Harp right now...decisions, decisions...

Gorgeous - subtle & beautiful

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