I look like a monkey and I smell like one toooooooo


It's my birthday and I decided, at the last moment, to take the day off and be, you know, crafty and such. Try to contain your shock.

The first thing I did, after kissing Leo goodbye, was to warp my heddle loom with two shades of Kauni. I think the gradual color shifts will make for an interesting final piece. Both shades are monochromatic so it'll be subtle.

IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0006.JPG

I managed to warp the loom in less than an hour, which isn't bad, considering how fast it goes after that. I've spent longer working a tubular cast on for a sweater.

I've also been spinning some more of the Cormo I picked up a little while ago.


I love this stuff. I used a long draw method to spin the singles and then plied the singles into a 3-ply. The final yarn is about a worsted weight and very sproingy and soft. I have just under 300 yards and quite a bit more roving to spin. It's going to have to be something with cables, I think.

I hope my birthday is as fun for all of you as it's already been for me.


Happy birthday to you!

You've inspired me to mark my birthday as a vacation day on the work calendar, too. What better way to celebrate yourself than to do what you love?

Yay, I'm so glad you decided to take the day off! Have a wonderful birthday, M! :) xo-S.

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you took the day to play. Your loom looks beautiful...the color changes will be stunning! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you're having a fun day :)

Happy Birthday, Marnie!


Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a great day :)

Happy Birthday! Looks like it's off to a great start. :)

How many ounces of Cormo fiber did you start with? I bought 14.8 ounces of Cormo/silk blend at OFFF last year, but haven't spun it up yet. My skillz are at a point now where I think I can do it justice. I'm curious how much yardage I may get out of it, which is why I'm curious about how much you started with. :)

Your loom inspired me, I bought a small one a few days ago from someone on Ravelry, and it's on the way!

I saw the cake on your icon on Rav and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! :)
Hope it's a good one!

Happy Birthday again, Marnie!

Happy, happy birthday!! (Can't wait to see the final weaving results)

Happy Birthday!

I'm like Cindy in I picked up Cormo/Silk at OFFF, this year though, because of your raving about the wonders of cormo. Currently busy with some camel but hope to get to the cormo soon.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your crafty day!!!

Happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Marnie! What a great day!

Happy Birthday! Mine is next Wednesday. Good month for fiberistas!

Never mind all these good wishes and knitterly comments? How did you include the dogs in your holiday birthday? You know it is not possible to have a good day until the furries have been properly pampered!!

yay! happy birthday! sounds like you had a great day.

The Cormo is beautiful! It's so even it looks machine spun. Nice job! Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

Happy Birthday -- have fun with your fiber!!! and your pups!

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday, Marnie!

The cormo is addictive - I've recently started spinning some from my stash as well and .... I.... can't .....stop......

My feed picks up stuff late!

Happy Belated Birthday!
Sounds like a great way to spend the day (I bet there were puppy kisses involved too :-)

A day to yourself doing what you want is a perfect birthday, I'd say. This morning's paper had an ad for a loom that someone was selling very inexpensively. I resisted, though. I love your idea of warping with the kauni! Can't wait to see the result. :) Happy weaving!!

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