One Wild Night


Last year, my friend, Mary-Kay gave me some gorgeous fiber and yarns. I'm just now getting around to spinning the roving and I love it.

The roving started out like this:


Once spun up and plied using a chain (Navajo) plying method to maintain the stripes, the finished yarn looks like this.

OWN_with roving.jpg own_draped.jpg

Extreme close up


I think the yarn is plenty pretty enough on its own, but throw in some pathetic doggy faces and it just gets better.

OWN_panda.jpg OWN_thea.jpg

I love the finished yarn. I had some worries that the colors wouldn't blend well, especially where opposite colors abutted, like where cyan sits next to orange. But I didn't get muddy colors, probably because there's so much negative (white) space in the colorway, instead I got really rich tones in some areas and soft almost iridescent transitions that just glow from the silk content. I can't wait to see how it knits up.

The Stats

Half my supply of Red Rock Fiber Works roving

Colorway: One Wild Night.
Fiber: 50% Merino / 50% Silk
Weight: Approx 4 ounces
Yardage: Approx 260 yards
Plies: 3-ply via chain plying method to produce clean stripes
Weight: Light to heavy worsted
Finishing: Wash and thwack


The colours set off Panda's eyes, in particular. You know I love a knitting piece when it has a healthy dose of canine!

haha they look so unhappy, wondering why you're doing this to them! your spinning is so even. i'm so impressed!

Beautiful yarn. And soulful doggie faces. I can't imagine my cat would ever let me drape yarn on her for a photo shoot!

Aww, torturing those lovely dogs like that! Making them model such beautiful yarn!

Oh I love your models!

The yarn is pretty nifty too. ;-)

OMG, Marnie- that yarn is AMAZING!! No, seriously.

I love the contrast between Panda and Thea in their modeled shots!

Unbelievably beautiful yarn. I don't usually use those colors, but I find myself excited about seeing how it knits up too! Looking forward to that post.

Incredibly gorgeous yarn - just looking at it makes me drool! Doggie faces are so expressive - they're saying - why are you doing this to me?

You must give them pups some serious lovin for them to stick around with all your humiliation. Bless their hearts. And good thing you don't have cats. I can't see cats taking that.

He, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad you like it Marnie. I've been gone a few days, so I still need to get back to your email. But, Thanks for showing the fiber off! How fun, and how pretty!

So pretty (yarn and dogs)!! :-)

Aww - I love your dog abuse! The yarn's pretty good, too!

How did I know that One Wild Night was sure to be fiber and not one of your truly wild nights of sushi and salsa dancing? A wild night after my own heart! The results are awesome.

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