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I'm in OC* for work and missing my sweet little stinker-bells, already.

my sweet girls.jpg

I took this shot before I left the house today. Then I spent about 10 hours traveling, well, mostly waiting to travel, and being generally hungry. Did you know they don't even give you pretzels on United flights less than 3 hours long? Even if you are actually siting on the plane for what amounts to 3 hours, but not flying for about half of that time. I didn't know this. I would have paid them $30 for a bag of yogurt covered raisins (I hate raisins) by the end of my first flight.

I managed to survive, though, and wolfed down inordinate amounts of faux dim sum at the SF airport, while I waiting and played musical departure gates.

Weeeee! My life is so glamorous.

Well, it's late and I need to be up early. I hope to have something more substantial to post soon.

* It's not "THE OC," just OC. We may put the article in front of the highways, such as "I'm taking the 405 to the110 today." But we don't put an article in front of the initials for Orange County. Only teevee does that.


my husband thinks he is cute by calling california "cali" and san Francisco "san fran' and he has never lived in either... drives his cousin from SF crazy lol.

They look as if they knew you were going away. Such sad faces.

That picture just kills me! There was a rumor that they were thinking of changing the name of John Wayne Airport to The O.C. airport, but that was a while back and I haven't heard anything else about it. Can you imagine? (Actually, yes...)

The whole "the" thing irks my DH to no idea when we are down in OC visiting my folks. Seems to be a So Cal thing, since I never say that I am going to take "the" 101 here in the Bay Area. Personally, I have no problem saying "the" 405 :-).

We definitely take the 52 to the 805 to the 163 here in even more southern SoCal. Some neighborhoods are called by their initials, Pacific Beach is PB for instance, while Tijuana is sometimes called TJ, but never Tia Juana.

I don't think I'll be able to take the 5 to the 405 to OC to see you this week, unfortunately! I wish I could.

airlines are really cutting costs! next thing you know they'll take away soda and water as well :(

I suppose you should be happy they didn't charge you to take your clothes along. Or is that American that's now charging $15 (I think) per suitcase? I'm so glad that I never have to be somewhere quickly & can take the train wherever I want to go. It's som much more civilized - Amtrak employees know how to treat passengers.

Looking forward to dinner on Thursday!

oh, they look so sweet here! but really, when don't they? :)

And if you live in Southern California, OC and LA County are practically different countries. I think you may need a passport. If you want to have a little fun, try saying that someone from OC is from LA. They will correct you quickly EVERY time!

That's funny you called the pooches your little stinkerbells! LOL Well, I am born and raised and have lived in SoCal and it must be a SoCal thing because everyone I know says "the OC" and "the 405" and "the 101" etc. We can't help it!

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