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My friend, Erica, directed me to a local pet photo contest, and I'd love to enter, despite the fact that I use a relatively cheap point and shoot digital camera. I have a feeling that folks with nice SLRs and lots-o-megapixels will be able to outshine my humble collection but all the entry fees go towards a great cause so I think I'm going to try.

IMG_0102.JPG IMG_0144.JPG

So I was hoping that, perhaps, a couple of you could help me decide what photos to enter. I think I'd be willing to enter up to 10 pictures (I'll have to spend some money to get good prints done, so I don't want to go crazy) but since I love the subject matter so much, I'm don't trust myself to pick the best shots from the lot. A cute expression is far more appealing to me than a nice composition.

IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0079.jpg

There's one caveat, all "companion pets" must have visible tags and collars, so I can only use shots from our hikes and beach trips. All of the shots at home, when the girls are collarless, are not allowed. Poo. Panda is floofy enough that you can't always see her collar even when she's wearing it, which may actually exclude some of the shots in this post.

IMG_0277.JPG PandaAtBeach.jpg

Anyway, almost all my pup shots can be found here. I've peppered this post with a few of my personal favorites, but by no means would I consider these the only possible entry shots.

IMG_0224.JPG PandaInOcean.jpg

Resolution is also a factor, so some pictures I love are out because I can't print them at the required 8" x 10" dimensions.

IMG_0204.JPG PandaSnowPortrait.jpg

So anyway, if you have any thoughts, leave me a comment here with a link to the picture or pictures you like, or just comment on the picture in Flickr. And thanks so much!

0237herkingdom.jpg IMG_0227.JPG

Edited to add: The contest has lots of categories including ones for people with their pets, and funniest shot. But really, this edit is just an excuse to add a couple more shots.


what fun! you know how much i love seeing photos of your doggies :)

Even if you don't have a fancy schmancy camera, your shots are composed quite beautifully.

I can't be much help because I love them all, but I can say that Adorama made great prints from my digital photos, and biggies were inexpensive. If I had to pick just one, I'd say Panda in the Snow is the most arresting. Most pet portraiture contests don't want people in the picture, although I like the lines of the intent on frisbee shoreline pic.

Panda at the beach is also gorgeous. Sorry Thea.

Oh, they are all so great! I love Panda at the Beach, but also the one of her in the snow.

Her Kingdom and PandaSnowPortrait are both gorgeous, but just a touch unusual...which makes them strong choices, IMHO. Also, the one of Panda and Thea together at the beach, with Thea shaking off, is enchantingly goofy. :)

Well, I think all your pictures are great, so I wouldn't let DSLR-envy spoil your fun.

And, wouldn't a harness pretty much cover the collar-or-tag requirement? I don't think homeless dogs usually wear them (grin)

I'd pick at least one with the rock formations in the background - the scenery should add an extra special dimension to those already cute mugs! I think you have a shot! Pun intended!

I love the photo of the dog with green legs - because he was running in the unmown grass...
otherwise they are all adorable.

aww .. so cute :) I love your doggies

I'll try to look on Flickr and see if I can pick out a few favs, but it's so hard when the subject is sooo photogenic!

I like the Washington day trip photo "Tug of War" with the great reflection.

oh, how could you possibly choose from such extensive cuteness?! it is certainly beyond my capabilities! but thanks for sharing all the gorgeous shots with us!

I especially like the one of both dogs lying on the wet sand, one's ears up and the other's ears down. Otherwise, how can one choose? They are the sweetest dogs.

Gasp! What lovely photos!

We got to show Mum so she takes some of ours like this too!

You have SO MANY great shots of the girls, how will you ever narrow down? Seriously! I particularly love the one of the girls with Leo on the beach. And the one of the two of them on the sand, looking up waiting for a command. I can't wait to see which ones you decide to enter. Like I said- so, so many great shots to choose from!

After looking at all your photos on flickr I still like the wet dog beach picture you have above of Panda and Thea and the one with snow on Panda's nose. But they are all adorable. I especially love the one of Panda and Thea in their baskets but they have no tags in those *darn*. :)

I love the one with the drawing in the sand - cute and well composed.

I agree that you have a lot of fantastic photos of the girls. I love both of the photos at the beach that include Leo - the one with both girls & the one with just the one (Panda? can't tell from the distance - that is my favorite of those posted here). The bottommost one on the left is also lovely. I also love the one you posted recently of the sleepy sandy Thea & what could be more humorous than the photo of Panda with the beer & her tongue hanging out? And, an expensive camera does not mean good photos - in fact, your are so good that I thought you had an expensive one.

All your photos are wonderful, but my favorite is Panda at the beach! Good luck!

The first 10 are my favourite, but I hope Panda at the beach can be included. That one is TOP.

My absolute favourite is the one of both the girls. (Photo 3).

Good luck!

The one with thea and the sand picture? Holy crap. My favorite!

The one with thea and the sand picture? Holy crap. My favorite!

How do you choose?! They're all great shots. The ones with the scenery make me sigh, but the ones of the girls up close make me want to squeeze them. I'm a big fan of Thea with the sand-drawing and Panda with snow on her nose.

I like pictures 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11 (as they're shown on the page). Both for composition and lighting and image. :) No photography expert at all, but those are very "visually pleasing". Especially no. 4 and 11. No. 2 is just cute, though. ;)

There are a lot of good ones in your contest set on Flickr, too!! I'm particularly fond of the tug-o-war one... Oh, but they're all precious. I can see how it's hard choosing.

Good luck with the contest!! Keep us posted. :)

Trine xx

For what it's worth, my favorites are Thea with the sand drawing, Panda standing on the rocks, and Panda in the snow. Just gorgeous girls!!!!


Your dogs are truly adorable. Are they sisters?

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