On second thought


Well, after claiming that I would need to use the pink or orange yarn and after an overwhelming majority suggested the pink, as the best option, I went with...

Linen progress top 1

...mint green.

Once I completed the brown portion of the garment, with most of the 4th ball left, I realized that the two balls of mint green should be just enough. I really like the pink yarn, but I'm going to use it for something different.

I knit and reknit the green portion, a few times to get just the right effect.

Linen progress top 2 Linen progress top 2 - back

When I was finally happy with the results, I debated doing the straps in brown, but decided green, with brown trim would be better. After three days of obsessing over the piece, the knitting and crochet are done.

The sun poked her little head out today, so I decided to get some shots while the shooting's good. The piece is just lousy with unwoven ends, right now, but the nice thing about having a mannequin is that I can easily tuck them away, and she won't move around and set those ends loose.

Finished top - front

So here it is, all done, but for the weaving.

I don't think I'll keep that particular ribbon at the bust, I'll swap it out for something simpler, but I wanted something there to complete the look.

Finished top - back Top with jacket

Here's a back view and a view of how I'll most likely wear it; layered under a jacket. If I had more yardage, I think I would have done short little flutter sleeves, terminating in the same lace as the hem, but a tank is nice too.

About the piece

Pattern: Improvised
By: me
Yarn: Madil Sahara - 70% Viscose/30% Linen, 50g/1.76 ounces, 110m/120 yds
Knitting needle: US#5/3.75mm
Crochet hook: E/3.5mm
Opinion of the finished piece: I'm happy with it. I really like wearing both empire waists and drape neck tops. I think they are flattering details on me. I work from home, most of the time, but when I am in an office, I can see this being a nice layering piece, especially in the summer when it can be very hot outside and very cold inside.

Impressions of the yarn

I'm not sure why, but this yarn appears to be very hard to find, even amongst distributors of Madil yarns. It's not listed in Ravelry, or Yarndex, which means it's either very new or very unpopular. I found this yarn at a shop in Cannon Beach, OR, and had originally thought I'd make some sort of skirt with it. That didn't happen, but this is probably more practical anyway, since I don't generally wear skirts.

Anyway, about the yarn. It's 70% viscose and 30% linen, which means the easy care of linen is essentially negated. You can't just throw this baby in the washer and dryer and expect it to keep coming out feeling nicer, but the end product is still relatively easy to care for (wash in warm water and use a cool iron) and the stitches seem a bit more even than those worked in 100% linen.

The yarn itself is very splitty, but if you can get past that, it knits up nicely. I'm not someone who has any trouble knitting plant fibers, so if you find them too rough, I can't tell you if this will be better. I suspect not, the yarn is far more course to knit than most cottons, but once steam blocked, the hand is very nice.

For those of you wondering, Thea is still doing great. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories about things their dogs have consumed. Strange critters, those dogs.

And speaking of Thea, she turned 1 year old yesterday, the same day as my baby brother turned 29. *sniff* They grow up so quickly.


Mm, mint green and chocolate brown . . . there's a reason Chappy has an apple green collar, you know! It looks beautiful, Marnie! I like the ribbon idea, too, although I agree that that particular one doesn't look quite right....

Nice work - I wouldn't have thought of the color combo on my own. Thanks for the eye opener.

This is really lovely - I like the drape at the neckline, and it looks fabulous under a jacket.


Happy Birthday Thea! Don't let aging slow you down even a step. (Woody turned 1 in December, but according to the human who belongs to an older bc-mix he plays with, he won't even begin to slow down until a decade passes.)

Oh and Marnie, that's a beautiful sweater. I love the drape you achieved at the neckline. Good girl Marnie! Have yourself a cookie.

todo un dulce tu nuevo diseño,felicidades¡¡¡

Tell that Thea happy birthday and love the sweater!

Absolutely beautiful.

I love the drape at the neckline.

i wonder how hempathy would do as a sub....

you are a vixen of knitting marnie, it's beautiful.

I love the neckline! Perfect drape.

Very pretty! The mint is a nice touch. I'm glad Ms. Thea is feeling good and hasn't suffered from her "food" choices!

Nice choice on the mint green - I think it's perfect! What a lovely feminine top.

Glad that the Thea-girl is doing better! Dogs are amazing that way - I've ceased being surprised at what my kids will eat (or try to!)

Well, I think this is one of your finest.

Glad Thea is doing fine. It's like having a toddler, isn't it?

Whooooooo, that is really cute! Great eye for color, Marnie! I love it layered with the jacket too :)

I find the a draped neckline is really flattering too. I think it's something that designers don't do enough; and yours looks fab by the way.

Beautiful - I had thought the mint green might look good if it were the right shade (which it is) - similar effect to pairing pale pink or blue with dark chocolate one of my favorite combinations. And I think that drapey neckline would look good on almost anyone,

I love the draped top. What a marvel. Brown and mint.....wonderful

Absolutely stunning. The drape and the color combo were both good choices.

Wow. I'm a big fan of the mint green and brown, and I really love the neckline. Overall, a really flattering piece.

Speaking of dogs consuming things - the beagle I grew up with (for a whopping 16 years), was notorious for eating chocolate chip cookies and Valentines candies :) He had something of a sweet tooth...

Knitwear lust! That's gorgeous and I want one. I desparately need knitting time.

it's beautiful! you are so talented.

I love the drape you achieved at the neckline :)

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