Marnie, speak. Good girl.


Marnie Talks now has a new look and name.

It's a work in progress, so expect it to evolve, but I'm happy with the basic concept.

Press refresh if you still see the old design.
If you have a very old or very new browser, things might fall apart a bit, and I'm sorry for that, but I think it should look fine in most browsers.

Let me know if you see any issues, and I'll do my best to fix it.


Old blog design

New Blog Design
New blog design


Hi Marnie, things look kind of funky for me. I use safari 2.0.4.
but it looks cute in the thumbnail. HI thea!

okay, then all of a sudden things went POOF and the page looked right.
I love how panda is watching me type.

Wow, this looks great! So far so good. What, did you have so much extra time on your hands you had to go and get a new blog design? Nice.

I miss that awesome little flower at the top, but your page definitely loads faster now with the simpler background. Looks good!

Marnie, it's beautiful!! Love, love, love it. Love all the doggie pics, love the style. Great job!

I had to clear my cache in Internet Options to get it to show up (in case anyone else refreshes and still sees the old design).


I see the new design and it looks great!

it looks great! i love the play on words with the title (it's amazing what a difference an "s" can make). and i think you even captured the dogs' personalities -- thea's on top looking all playful, and panda's on the bottom watching over everything.

very cute. i've been wanting to update my templates for a while, but there always seems like there's something more important to do...

btw - looks great in Windows with FF

We at home have always like your Blog, now even more so with the new face! Love it, love it, love it!

Love the new design!!

Looks good in Firefox! I was about to wonder where Panda was, till I scrolled down to make my comment. :)


Is Panda jealous that Thea is front and center? The new design is suggestion...Could you change the color of the type in the comment section? You can't read it unless you highlight it.

Hi Marnie,
things are looking funny for me..I'm not seeing very much. Any suggestions?

It's awesome! I love how you worked Panda into the comments section. I've been waiting for the big unveil - so cool!

BTW, I finally put up our sheep herding photos this morning, so go check them out! Your girls have to try it!

I love the new design! Even if it is a little freaky to have Thea giving me *that* look until I scroll down a bit! And I get the feeling that Panda is amazed a my typing and spelling skills. She's such an ego booster!

hey now im partial to panda, lol... looks fine in my safari

Oh, I LOVE the new look - nice job!

So cute! I love it!

It took a couple of refreshes to make things display properly, but things look good in Firefox.

Everything looks good for me (Firefox 2 for Mac), although it took a while for everything to load. One point, the copyright date on this page is 2006. It's been a long year! :)

It's gorgeous! :)

Someone must love her dog. :D

Aww, love it! I wonder what Chappy will think the first time he sees Panda staring at him like that, though... (grin)

i love the new look! - who wouldn't with that face staring right at you!

very cute! (on mac w/ ff

Congratulations your new look! The site looks terrific. I love all the Panda/Thea pictures.

Looks GREAT Marnie! The puppies are adorable! :o)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Your new design is really great...esp the girls! :)

Love the new look!!! It's nice to have a change once in a while :)

Happy Turkey day!

Marnie, this is awesome! I love it!

I've always wanted to know how to do that photo looking like it was on a white background do you do that? I'm supposed to redesign my blog and I'm hopeless at it...

Yours is really smashing :-)

Sitting at my computer, at home with a cuppa tea, checking in to your blog after a being away a bit. Your site comes up...then I see Panda as a background, and I actually say---out loud---"Awwww! It's PANDA!!!"
Your new site design is lovely!
(It's going to force me to get off of my butt and finally tackle that long-needed update of my own...)
By the way, hope Panda's feeling better.

Love it! I love Thea's face looking out when I arrived!

I LOVE the new layout! It's terrific. And your little Thea and Panda are adorable! :)

This layout is much easier on the eyes and easier to read!

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