No belly rubs and lots of rest



Panda and I both missed Thea something awful. She was sad and mopey, so I gave her lots and lots of kisses. She likes kisses.

Of course, Leo and I expressed our concern by calling the vet every hour for an update. Kudos to them for remaining pleasant each time. I like our vet.

Sitting in traffic and waiting for Thea to be brought out from the recovery area, was nerve wracking but just seeing her eyes, as bleary and unfocused as they were, was sunshine.


Leo carried the little one in from the car. Her pink bandage covers the spot where they put in her IV. It also matches her pink stitches. Nice touch.


Panda looked so happy to see Thea but realized right away that Thea wasn't herself and gave her space. We all went out for a wobbly potty break and Thea spent a little time trying to find a nice place to relax. She finally decided on the bed (with a little assistance up, of course.)


She stayed pretty quiet and calm through the night, though she's been a little rowdier this morning. The doctor prescribed her some sedatives, in case she needs them, but I'm still holding out hope she'll remain relatively calm. I'm a shameless optimist.

So thanks again for everyone's warm wishes and concerns. I'm still really new to having my dogs go under the knife and it's good to be reminded how commonplace it is.


That's just wonderful that Thea is home and available for snuggling. Having your little honey go through any kind of medical procedure is just wrenching. All four of you did a great job.

Ohhhh sweeetie. Look at that little snuggler on the bed. Smooshy cutie!

Awwwww. Little Thea will be back to her old naughty self in no time!

Panda looks so sad!

Yay! She's home safe and sound! :)

I'm sure your vet told you this, but puppies can be sneaky so make sure you keep an eye on her stitches! Two of my dogs pulled them out even whilst under careful observation!

Yay! She's home safe and sound! :)

I'm sure your vet told you this, but puppies can be sneaky so make sure you keep an eye on her stitches! Two of my dogs pulled them out even whilst under careful observation!

Commonplace? Yes. Easy? Never, no matter how many health issues your furry friends present - so glad she's home and cozy...

So happy that all is well - you guys have the bestest canines on the planet !


Awww, no belly rubs sucks. Especially since naked bellies almost beg to be rubbed and kissed! Glad to hear she's recovering well!

I'm glad you have your baby back. Its so hard waiting. Glad Thea is doing so well and she really looks darn cute even asleep. :)

Awww, poor sweetie! She looks so worn out. Glad to hear she's home safe and sound. You have the sweetest doggies! Give them some extra ear rubs and kisses from me and Sampson!

I still remember the first time my Sasha went out to pee after her spay surgery. She was so SORE! I could tell by the way she moved. But she healed up quickly, and I'm sure Thea will too.

Get well soon, Thea! :)
Well, I read your blog everyday -and my dog is called Panda too :)-, but this is the first time I comment :_). I still remember when Panda was spayed last year and couldn't help wishing a fast recovery to Thea. Panda sends doggy kisses for you all :).

I'm glad to hear Thea's spay went well:) Yes, it is a commonplace surgery, but it's still nerve wracking for the owners. Just be careful because these guys recover FAST, and she'll think she can do more than she's supposed to!

Get back to wellness soon, Thea! Such a sweetie. It is hard to see them not well, isn't it. I know she will be wanting to play and romp by tomorrow, so good luck! We have an Aussie, and remember how hard it was to keep her calm after her spaying. :O) Give them each a hug from me, and my three, Sianidh, Tobie and Angus.

Glad it went well -- here's to a speedy recovery!

Great decision making in her behalf and the rest of the unborn puppies. Unspayed females can have problems when they get older. Thank you, she will be very grateful in a few days. Females have pain either to prevent or having, better now then later.

Oh - I'm so glad she's back home and recovering :)

Poor little Thea!

My Sam had 7 surgeries so far. Our Biko had 3. Everytime I'm a nervous wreck, and all tears. It's amazing how they heal and want to go on like nothing happened! Your girl will be her old self in no time! ;o)

Surgery is no fun, but looks like she'll be back up and around in no time. And will hopefully make for a much longer and happier life for her too!

Poor sweetie, but she looks so comfortable on the bed. Bless you for taking such good care of her!

It doesn't matter how common it is - it isn't common with YOUR dog (works the same way with cats & kids) & that's what counts. So pamper her a bit & love her.

What a sweetie! I hope she's feeling better today. You always feel so bad for your fur babies since they can't talk and tell us how they feel, but somehow we know. She's a lucky girl to have such loving and concerned pet parents!

When my kitten was in the hospital I stared a hole in the phone. She's going to be spayed soon, I will stare the hole again. This is nothing compared to how I will be when my dog finally gets neutered. (He's 2 and hasn't been yet because I'm a baby and can't stomach the idea)

Oh what these furry things do to us...kisses for Thea

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