Breaking the girl


Leo won't call it, "getting her fixed," he calls it "breaking her." I call it, "getting her guts ripped out." You all probably just think of it as spaying.


Yes, we just dropped out sweet little Stinky McFartToots off at the vet and we are feeling the emptiness of the house and the little nagging anxiety that something could go wrong. It seems far too quiet and even Panda might admit she misses the little scamp.


Since Thea is a high energy girl who'll be laid out for a couple of days, we thought that it was an absolute necessity to give her a little fun on her last night before the surgery, so we took her to Puppy Agility.


We weren't able to go last week and the class dynamic has changed a bit, focusing less on individual obstacles and more on linking obstacles and handling tactics. Thea's feeling her adolescences and was a touch obstinate about the more boring bits and more focused on playing and running off and ignoring me.


Personally, that makes me feel the classes are all the more important for both of us, since it gives us a controlled environment to work through those issues.


And even though she wasn't perfect, we did have a great time.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for a complication free surgery and quick recovery. Keeping that little cattle dog contained enough not to pop her stitches may be an exercise in futility but luckily, I have tomorrow off and the weekend to do my best.


Sending positive vibes for a quick and uneventful recovery for sweet Thea.

Sending postive vibes for a quick and uneventful recovery for sweet Thea. (and you )

{{{hugs}} to Thea and all for an easy recovery. Hope she will let her inner diva dog relax and enjoy the extra pampering!!

She will be just fine! Snuggles to both doggies ...

All will be mellow the first few days, 'cause she'll be so tired and out of it. It's a few days later, when she's gotten her energy back, that you need to monitor the playtimes (which looks ridiculous when they've got that cone on!). Good luck Thea!

Thank goodness for the invention of surgical glue, which they now use paired with stitches most of the time. :) Although I do recall getting our purebred Siberian Husky done really slowed her down for a few days.

Aww, poor little pooper. She's going to be laid up, so I think the least you could do is bring your knitting TO her, so she can ruin it from the comfort of her fluffy pillow. ;)

She'll be back home in no time! I can't wait to see the photos of her in a cone. When Mike got back from his Penectomy, he was all dopey and floppy and in a cone. We put him behind a baby gate to keep him contained. He somehow managed to muster up enough energy to leap over it, cone, stitches and all. Frightening.

Thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery for Miss Thea! The hard part WILL be keeping her quiet enough to heal up thoroughly! :)

Your "Stinky McFartToots" made me laugh. One of Bouncer's names is Tooty Pooty (pronounced TOO-teh POO-teh), or TootyPoot. Before we figured out he had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, he was infamous for the number of volume of his farts.

I forgot a syllable in Bouncer's nickname. It should be TOO-teh ma POO-teh (Tooty My Pooty). :)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Thea! I'm real good at resting and napping. I could give you some pointers if you'd like. :) - Licks & sniffs, Dakota.

I don't know how you plan on keeping Thea quiet! I always thought that was the most challenging part of the surgery. Good luck and best wishes to Thea!

I agree with Amy - the surgery will likely be a cakewalk compared to the work you'll have keeping her quiet... good luck!

The antibiotics might make her a little sleepy at first. I wonder if the vet would let you use Benedryl the first couple of days?

Fingers crossed!

And, I kept Katy in her crate a lot when she came home from her surgery. (Chappy, too, but the operation's not as intrusive for boy, so I wasn't quite so concerned about him.) I actually remember the day I brought Katy home quite clearly--she was downstairs lookng needy and sore (understandably) and Mom was upstairs with a bad gall bladder attack, also looking needy and sore. I spent a lot of time on the stairs that day!

Well, I'm late to the post, so I already know that Miss Thea is fine. :) Hooray! She's got to get back to being rowdy.

Your post title made me think of that Red Hot Chili Peppers song...

Good vibes to the pup. Ours has been through so much in terms of surgery that I guess it doesn't seem that scary anymore. So much improvement came out of all of it that I don't remember the way things felt when we were dropping her off.

Good luck keeping her calm during healing. I wonder if chamomile works on canines?

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