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Our little Thea graduated from Puppy Preschool, on Thursday. We couldn't be more proud of her. Admittedly, we needed only show up for class in order to graduate, but Thea worked hard these past 6 weeks and she had a great time, to boot. Thea did exceptionally well at the recall, down stay and tricks portion of the last class. Her sit stay is solid too, though she was so tired she schlumped into a down during the sit completion. Her loose leash work is bad enough that I suggest we move on to another topic.


From here, I just decide if I want to sign up for more obedience (something she definitely needs but not as much fun) or puppy agility (lots of fun, but probably not the the ideal focus for our little bag of energy.) I bet you can guess which way I'm leaning.


you know, if you did the puppy agility, it might work off some of that energy!

Robin loves Agility class, & loves to go go go (and pull my arm off with him). I'm glad I decided to do obedience one night & agility another night (they both started at the same time) because with out the balance of a lot of heeling work I think my arms might be stretched out to my feet by now lol... (however, after each agility class he just curled up & slept for 10-14 hours that's priceless in puppy land)

Congrats Thea! It sounds like Rae might have good point (intermix obedience and agility if you can).

Congratulations, Thea!

Wow - you graduated, Thea ! Congrats ! I bet if there's a guinea pig school, my Mum would be the first guinea pig owner to send me and Wiggley there ! Can you do tricks ?

Applause and doggy treats !! But if I look at Thea's most expressive eyes they tell me " I've been a such a good girl so let's have some fun !"
Ask Panda what to do with Thea !!

Yay Thea! My Sasha never understood that loose lead walking was a GOOD thing. :) In her ideal world, she would have been always about 20 feet ahead of me, casting back and forth to check everything out. Jasper and Bouncer are both a little more biddable than that.

Do the puppy agility. Also do something to make her think and work things out. That tires them out almost as much as physical exercise. :D

Yeah Thea! What a good little girl! :)

Congratulations, Thea! Hope your graduation was filled with pomp and circumstance. Now you can move on to bigger and better things!

Yay Thea! The loose leash will come along - she's a great girl!

Congrats on Thea's graduation! She's such a cutie pie like her big sis.

Congratulations to Thea! I'm sure whether you pick agility or obedience your little cutie will excell!

Maybe Thea would like Flyball?

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