What the daffodilly-o?


Ahh, is there anything more bad-ass than a 30-something suburbanite using antiquated slang in a punny fashion? I say not.

In keeping with my focus on deadline work and therefore, decided lack of crafty goodness, I bring Portland in spring. It's a beautiful thing that even my spangly new birthday camera cannot do justice to. It doesn't stop me from trying, though.

Lovely trees in bloom, in shades of white and pink

Daffodils and little fragrant white flowers that have appeared in our yard. The daffodils are everywhere in our yard, but these little white flowers stand alone in our vast backyard with no kindred neighbors. We have no idea from where it came.

Gorgeous red tulips grow like weeds in front of our house. Where are my wooden clogs when I need them? We can't wait to see what other flowers pop up in our yard.

Of course, I can't post about the joys of spring without a picture, or three, of Panda romping in the yard. Can you believe we (meaning, Leo) cut the lawn just over a week ago? Granted, it was cut long, but still, that's some good growth in a week.


The white ones look like hyacinths. Are they fragrant?
Still waiting for spring in SE Michigan...

Agreed on the hyacinths.

You are definitely a few weeks ahead of us. Here in Buffalo its only crocus and snowbells...but the rest is on its way- I'd say daffodils by Wednesday. (fingers crossed) Love this time of year. Before I had a garden, it was nothing but in between weather and mud- the garden gives me soething to look forward to.

still nothing green on the horizon here yet. just brown grass, lichen and moss.

but the birds are out.

beautiful photos by the way.

Those are gorgeous pictures! Panda looks blissed out :)

we haven't mowed yet, although we're contemplating it this weekend (happy birthday, ugh!)

the magnolia trees and forsythia bushes are in bloom around here, about 3 weeks early, cuz it's been so warm. i hope it stays warm til their done!

I wish we had spring :-(

The pollen is going crazy though, half the state is snuffling and walking around in a stupor.

i was going to say the white fragrant flower is a hyacinth, but somebody beat me to it!

Lovely flower pictures. And Panda looks so cute!

Well isn't Miss Panda playing the little hottie!

Hi..Panda is a Beauty! Please don't eat the daffodilli-os, the wikipedia says they are deadly but pretty :(
Your designs are lovely. Enjoy your blog. Panda makes us happy

Hi..Panda is a Beauty! Please don't eat the daffodilly-os, Wikipedia says the are deadly but pretty. :( Your designs are lovely and your blog inspires. Panda makes us happy! Thanks!!!

Oh, so gorgeous. After two weeks of wonderful weather and enough beginning-of-the-week rain to turn the world green, it snowed here last night. Damn you, Colorado weather gods.

Ha! Oh man. Those pictures are so happy and springy, I love it! Happy Panda! Sadly, our lawn hasn't come back with as much vigor as yours yet, but I think it's on its way. And, the once barren fig tree in our yard is starting to sprout leaves again which makes me very happy. :)

How beautiful! Hard to believe it was so cold there not so long ago. When I first saw the pics, I was thinking "Panda Flowers"!

Beautiful! Now I'm even more excited to move there.

(We're moving there.)

I love March in Oregon. Days like these are what convince people to move here.

Maybe a squirrel or other critter buried hyacinth bulbs in your yard sometime. One of the good things about moving is watching to see what bulbs come up in the spring.

Thanks for the lovely pictures. Hyacinths in my garden in central England are just about over. Enjoy while you have it as they don't last long!

Nothing is more beautiful or divine than a dog romping in the wild with its waggy tail and jaunty step in its paws because Spring has arrived.

I love little Panda, give her a big kiss on the nose from us.

Such beautiful photos!

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