The Create Along


Today is not just auspicious for being my 32nd birthday. Today is the day that Julia and I are kicking off a Create Along.

I'll be parallel posting, both here and there, along with my normal blogging. We sincerely hope that anyone with a love for, or interest in designing knitwear, will join us. To join, send an email to createalong (at) gmail dot com, with the subject line, "JOIN."

I'll be making my first post tomorrow, but Julia has a great one up there right now.


Happy Birthday Marnie!!

Happy Birthday Marnie!!! Yay!!!

Yay! Happy,happy birthday! I'm glad that the start of the create along can be a little birthday present. I met up with MH and Kat at Edna's yesterday - we really missed you!!!

Happy birthday Marnie! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Remember Marnie's birthday is celebrated during the entire month of February. Add in parades and parties for the Year of the Pig, and you have quite the event.

Happy Birthday, Marnie!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Yay!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays - and your create-along sounds like fabulous fun!

Happy Birthday to you Marnie!

Happy Birthday, Miss Marnie! Wishing you a fabulous day and a wonderful year ahead!

happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy (belated) Birthday!

The Create Along is so awesome. Sadly, due to recent cat-sickness, I'm on a major stash diet (read: spent all money, including grocery money and rent, on kitty) and I don't have anything around to design with right now. Maybe if it or another create-along is still running in a few months. I'll definently be watching, though- I'm new to designing my own knitwear and could use all the opportunities to learn I can get.

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