Remember this piece?


Back before I moved to Portland and before I took on a plethora of non-bloggable design projects, I was working on a piece knit from Silky Wool.

I'm a little further than the last time I posted about it, though there has been a great deal of ripping, knitting, ripping, crocheting, ripping and, well, you get the idea.

I had planned the body of the piece really well, but had left the details such as the sleeves and bands much looser. This is primarily because I wasn't sure how much of the main color yarn I'd have after I completed the body. It turns out I had just a little more than needed to knit the body. So now it's a matter of finding a way to use the other two yarns (of which I had a single skein, each) in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Hopefully, the end result is a piece that will look like it was designed intentionally as opposed to a design driven by a lack of yarn.

While I really love the deep mahogany shade, and considered using it as the trim, I didn't feel it popped enough against the main color, so I used the gold instead. In order to make the sleeves seem more cohesive with the rest of the piece, I threw in a little pleat with the main color, to bring it all together.

I snapped a few very unflattering pictures of me wearing the piece in its current state. You can check them out after the jump.

Obviously, the right sleeve isn't done and the piece needs, well, a left sleeve too. I'm not wearing this to the Golden Globes, after all. And everything needs some blocking, so it will sit much nicer once I've taken some steam to it.

I am thinking that the neck and button band will need to be about twice as thick, both for modesty and so I can, someday, manage to throw a bra under it as well. Otherwise, I think I'm happy with it, though the jury is still out until the piece is completed.


What you have so far is awesome; The body part is excellent, wow!

First off, if that's an unflattering picture, I'll marvel at the flattering ones! Secondly, that's an adorable top, I love the main color inset in the sleeves. The fit is wonderfu as well, shows off all those womenly curves. Are you going to publish this pattern to your site?

You SO make me wish I still had a decent waistline. :) The shaping is lovely.

Lovely shaping - it sort of reminds me of Elizabethan-style corsets.

Wow, that is gorgeous so far! I can understand why you'd want the bands a little thicker from a shaping perspective, but as far as the colors go, I really like how the thin bands just give that touch of gold. It would be perfect worn with a white cami with a bit of lace at the top. I do hope you write up the pattern at some point, I want one too!!

Beautiful. I love those colors.

I think you're going to pull this one off. I love what you did with the insert - very clever. You'll have to bring it along when you head south so that I can check it out in person. So far it looks great!!!

Oh, I like it! The sleeves with the little secret pleat of the body color is a cute design addition! In my humble opinion. :)

Wow! I'm really loving what you have so far. can't wait to see more!

What can I say? I'm speechless. So speechless that it took me 4 tries to type the word speechless properly. Amazing.

Wowee wowee wowee! I can't wait to see this when you're done with it! And I'll be really excited if you offer this up in pattern form!

You look amazing! Ditch the sleeves, make a cami and you could totally wear it to the SAG Awards. The Fug Girls would approve.

I think it looks fanfreakintastic! Please do write up the pattern!


Va va voom, darlin' ...
And a beautiful design !


That is incredible Marnie! You are wicked talented!

You absolutely must write up and sell
this pattern as I wish to make this. I
even have a stash of the required yarn.
It looks stunning on you.

You are such a complete doll !
I love graphing on graph paper and adobe illustrator looks like it will be perfect for me !
Yee haw !
Thanks !


That is gorgeous! I was wondering what had happened with it. Silky Wool is a fave yarn of mine.

Thanks for the update.


It's so romantic and attractive! Cupid shot me at very first sight of this top- before you moved. Curiosity almost got this cat to ask you about it. Seeing it now blazes my excitement about it! I'm so impressed by you, and your talents! How fun! Glad you share your talents and creations with us here !)

P.S. If I were to knit this top from your pattern, I'd call it my Princess top!

i'm watching you on hgtv right now! i saw your face & squealed!!!!!!!!!!

too cool!

What a fabulous corset type top! Cor! Very Maid Marion (yes, if she existed, she would not have worn that style thing but you get the drift ;-)

Your figure is so perfectly statuesque, I literally thought it was a mannequin for a moment. Then I caught a glimpse of your hair, and, "Whoa! That's a real girl!" :D

Your figure is so perfectly statuesque, I literally thought it was a mannequin for a moment. Then I caught a glimpse of your hair, and, "Whoa! That's a real girl!" :D

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