How many times do I have to tell you, Brad, I'm simply not interested.


Dear Brad,

I know that I've been on TV and I'm an engaging knitting personality, but we've never met, you simply cannot be stalking me around the world; kids and "wife" in tow. It's unseemly and I am in a happy relationship. I thought I'd put enough distance between us when I moved from LA to Portland, but that clearly wasn't enough, and now you are here, in Pune, the same town in which I am staying. I'm sorry to let you down, but don't worry, you seem like a nice person, I'm sure that in time, you will recover and be stronger for the experience.

Your's truly,

No, I haven't run into them, they are a bit more stealth than that.

It's my last day in Pune and I'm marveling at how fast the two weeks seem to have gone. Everyone here, without exception, has been gracious and kind and made me feel welcome, despite the fact that there was much to do and plenty of work related pressure. But you know, I'm not sure I have much to complain about, work wise. It could be worse, I could have this job.

I'm not sure this position would pass OSHA's standards, but they do appear to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For my last little shopping excursion, yesterday, we went to the local market. The place was a mob scene, pure chaos and I loved it. The shops are tiny, with little room to move and one must dodge bikes, cars, scraggly looking cats and other obstacles, to enter the shop of choice, but if you want it, you can find it here. I even found yarn. Oh man, you have no idea how affordable yarn is out here. More on that later, for now, here are some pictures of our excursion.

Women carving stones into mortar and pestle and, I don't know, head stones?

Perhaps useful considering the risk to life and limb one takes, crossing the street.

The holiday, Diwali is just around the corner here in India and everyone is getting prepared. People buy vivid new outfits and colorful decorations in preparation for the Festival Of Lights. The markets are filled with items of every sort, in anticipation.

There's almost so much to look at, one can't decide where to start.

Flowers play heavily in the decorations, especially yellow and orange carnations.

I was able to find a last few items before packing my things and then we made our way back to our hotels for dinner. On the way, we encountered one of your everyday traffic obstructions.

If I were a bit more brave (read: stupid) I could have reached out my window and touched him.

In less than 24 hours, I'll be on a plane home and back to my sweeties. Speaking of which, you'll have to read Leo's response to some of your comments about his tattoo.


I used to love Diwali celebrations at my primary school. Despite growing up in an area with Muslims the majority minority (if you see what I mean), the only two Asian (Indian sub-continent) kids I knew were Hindus!

how is it the paper is in english?

Is Brad still bothering you? Jeez, that guy does not give up!

I'm loving the tour of India, but glad that the next tour is LA.

Leo's comment was cute, but I was sad that he didn't say anything about the Mulia sandwich. I guess he's taking that one like a woman, too!

thank you for the food shot, i love seeing exotic spices in their native environment (so to speak)

as for the lady, i guess she was using her head (ducks)

my ex husband was a brick layer, and they used brick tongs (carry 10 at a time). i guess she's got one up on htem, eh?

Wow! I hope you bought alot of yarn! Yeah, I could see some thoses jobs flying over here lol-honey, Hi boss, I'll be a little late, the elephant will not move. lol
Thanks for sharing this whole trip, it was indeed, very interesting on many levels. Bet you're just ready for home now...

Neat, Dont tell Lara, she'll want you to bring back yard upon yard of that neat looking fabric ;)

Looks like you've had fun.

The market looks amazing! I wish I was there to go shopping with you!

(laughing) That puts a whole new spin on "celebrity stalking," huh??

no! no! those are not headstones.. those are grinding stones.. kinda like mortar and prestle.. to grind to paste various spices.. kinda like here
:) to hear u are coming home and that you found yarn!!! and the elephant is so cute..

looks like a great shopping experience. i love all the colors and the elephant too.

Mulia sandwich... =)haha I've been barking up that tree for years with no results.

That Brad. Sheesh. What a cad.

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