I wouldn't suggest wearing suede shoes in India


Today is day 4 of my 14 day trip in India. Having just acclimated to the time change, I'll be switching shifts once again, working 4AM to noon for the remainder of the week. If I were a wise woman, I'd be getting settled to go to sleep right now. But you know, if I were well rested, I wouldn't find things like this so amusing.

I've seen a lot of variations of floor numbering, but this is the first time I've seen floors 0 and -1.

But we did manage to leave the hotel for a little shopping and sight seeing yesterday.

Maya and her daughter were great guides to our shopping adventure

Walking around is a nice change from being in the car all the time. It gives you a chance to catch those little moments that are too fleeting to capture while hurtling down a dirt road, weaving through pedestrians and livestock.

Awww, sleepy puppies

But I know my audience, here. You might like dogs but what you love is textiles. These pictures cannot even begin to express how much fabric was in this store. It was two stories, floor to ceiling, of every imaginable fabric.

I think Clasonda is experiencing sensory overload.

After wandering through all kinds of great stores and finally finding a place that sells yarn (though it was closed, poo!) we packed into the car and headed back towards the hotel

In Boston, we had "make way for ducklings" in India, it's "make way for cows"

The day was great and ended with a delicious Chinese dinner with Maya and her family.

Today was a half day of work because it's Sunday in the states and a national holiday in India. When the words "lunch" and "Thai food" were mentioned, I had my things packed up and was ready to go in no time.

So as we drove through town, visions of curry dancing in my head, the heavens opened up, Flashdance style.

That's the river we had to ford to make our way into the restaurant

Soaked but still in good spirits, we sat down for lunch. Yum!

Why not a little semi-open air dining during a veritable typhoon?

The rain let up before the end of lunch which gave me ample opportunity to take pictures like the tourist that I am.

Well, if I plan to be of any use when they pick me up for work at 3:30AM, I best be getting some sleep.


That fabric store blows me away. I went to Michael Levine yesterday and found yet another insanely funny print (no previews - you'll see it when you arrive!), but I wish I had gone to that fabric store with you - insane. I love the pics, especially the dogs, donkeys and the family on the motorbike. Miss you! J.

Not to mention that suede is made from cowhide, and as you know, they're protective of their cows!! (grin)

oooh, are you going to get a sari made while you're there? You would look fantastic in a sari and with leo's fabulous photography skills you could have some seriously glamourous sari pics!

I am so jealous, I love Indian textiles. You should keep your eye out for an Indian box charkha or a big spinning wheel (also called charka), those are really cool looking. I've been thinking of making one.

Great photos! Love the family on the motorcycle, the donkeys, and the wet cows. Good luck with your nutty schedule.

Thanks for sharing details of your trip. Going to India sounds fascinating. Hope they stop interrupting your sleep schedule!

Thanks for a glimpse of pune.. i miss it soooo..
BTW did Dipti get back to you? any luck with finding what you were looking for?

I love travel pictures. And the accompanying captions. Flashdance style, he he.

Wow! Again, thanks for sharing all the great sites. What a fabric store huh? I can't get ove the floor 0 and -1 .It's the 0 that I'm really intrigued with. Enjoy!

Wow..... So much colour!

I love the photos - keep 'em comin'! Who knew a motorbike seats 3? I'm drooling over the colorful fabrics!

mi house elevator also has floor 0 and -1!!! (I live in Barcelona) :)

Great pictures! Although the one of the family on the motorcycle made me cringe a little. Glad to know the DAD has a helmet if not the toddler on the handlebars! Eeeek!

Great shots! I always loved the brightly decorated lorries. Now I miss India!

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