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This is the weather forecast in my neighborhood. Tonight they are expecting it to get down to 29ºF, just in time for Halloween. But you know what's so very wrong? The next nine days won't drop below 39ºF! What sort of sick and twisted turn of fate is that?

Having grown up in NH, I know what it's like to ponder the benefits of bundling up against the complete loss of continuity in one's costume. Freeze and look "just right" or bundle up and have nothing but a tiara to show for your princess costume. Do princesses wear moon boots?

Even as I write this, I worry more for our supply of candy than I do for the health and well being of the children. I'm in a new neighborhood, full off little single family houses. Will I have enough candy? What if there's a line of kids outside my door and I run out? Will the kids accept roving instead? Can I really part with roving for a bunch of greedy kids in pirate costumes? Only time will tell, I suppose.

For now, I have to remember not to graze upon the candy I do have.


Welcome to Portland. I am a lifer, myself. Any questions, feel free to contact me. The reason the temp is going up is cause the rain is coming down - can't really explain it, but i hear it on the news ALL THE TIME!!! Also, the Pacific Northwest is known for "if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes" and "you can have all four seasons in one day (dress for it)."

Oooh, that looks like a lot of candy to me; I hope it lasts!
Happy Halloween!

It may be cold, but at least it's a dry Halloween. This is ridiculous for this time of year though. My poor boy is so confused by the random temperature shifts this year, he says in all his 27.5 years he's never seen anything like it.

And Jenni, they say that about the weather everywhere in my experience.

So, this was my first year freezing in Seattle...I think our street couldn't compete with the really nice neighborhood and super decorated houses up the street...I'm taking my candy (which looks a whole lot like yours) up to work to feed the scientists tomorrow.

What? You're giving out roving instead of candy? I'm throwing on my tiara and moon boots and coming on over! :)

Wish I lived closer, I dress up crazy for roving (and I can't even spin yet). Let us know how it went last night!

i ALWAYS make the kids' costumes so they can double up underneath, i.e. sweatshirts, gloves, etc. sean was a character from a video game, and he wore a t-shirt and 2 sweatshirts (top one was in character), jeans under his costume pants, and a HUGE purple fleece cloak, with the collar being quadruple thick, to keep his ears warm. only thing that really got cold was his fingers (he refused gloves this year)

It went down to 48 degrees in the hills last night - pretty nippy for your old 'hood. We are at a distinct advantage for the daytime forecast, though. Sorry, but I had to laugh just a little when I saw days of rain - yikes! Give me cold, but not rain.

M and I finally had some fun again yesterday. We carved three jack-o-lanterns and roasted the seeds. Yum!

Miss you guys,
xox, J

Ah, Oregon. :)

"Will the kids accept roving instead?" is still cracking me up! LOL!

Roving - heee hee hee - so funny. I know what you mean about the costume/coat dilemma. We lucked out on the East coast and got warmish fall weather for 10/31 and the little neighborhood ghouls. But whenever that happens, I wait for the thermometer to inevitable drop down down down.

Princesses absolutely wear moon boots.... or I'm in trouble.

We froze our a**es off up here yesterday.

Yep, the rain keeps the temperature...temperate. It is kind of a trade off. Just wait until that cold temp and rain MEET and you get to see the famous ice storm! I miss them every year. But it ends up being a little excitement that means you stay home for a few days and knit warm scarves.

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