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It's long overdue, I know. I am working on starting a reader gallery. If you have ever knit one of my patterns and have pictures and would be OK with my posting said pictures and linking to your site (if you have one) please press that little CONTACT button up top and send me a note with all the details. You'll make my life 100 times easier if you also put the words "reader gallery" in the subject line.

Why I plan to try to do this mid-move to Portland is anyone's guess, but I'm chalking it up to a mild case of insanity. It's genetic, I think.

Speaking of moving, there will be many many things that I will miss about Los Angles, once I’m gone. I've had a wonderful 5 years here and I think I'll look back on them as some of my most fond memories. However, there is one thing I will not miss, driving in LA.

Yesterday morning's commute fresh off the Crap Cam (trademark Dave Barry) 6000

My clock is actually 12 minutes fast, so it's 5:48 AM and I'm driving to work on the 405 (known in all other states as I-405, hold the article). And on the radio, I've got my favorite local NPR station. Normally, I breeze into work at this hour.

Instead, this is what my commute looked like:

You aren't about to pass out, those spots you see before your eyes are break lights and they go on forever.

I'm looking forward to a few months of commuting from my bedroom to my computer room in my jammies. Boy oh boy!


Wait, you're saying you're NOT gonna miss driving on the 405 at 6:00am 4 days a week? I know I looove it! :P

hey, in seattle they call it "the 405" too. :)

"Enjoy" your final days of the hellishness of LA commuting. Of late my husband has been taking the train from the O.C. to Burbank, leaving the house at 5:45 am and returning at 7pm.

Oh you are so lucky! I live in LA too and I only wish I was moving out of this traffic!! Good luck!

I think a reader gallery is a GREAT idea. It also means I better get my butt moving on Bella Paquita.

I had to commute in Sacramento (not nearly like LA) and in North Carolina (surprisingly a lot more like LA then you'd think) and you WILL. NOT. MISS. IT. I speak from experience. ;-)

Even the short commute from chez Winter will be a refreshing change.

Oregonians wail and moan about their traffic and try to warn you off all the time. But I moved here from LA and came with our standard, "hey, if it is moving, it isn't bad." So it will be a lovely change for you. The part I still find frustrating is that they do the speed limit here. WHAT is that about?

I just moved down to LA from San Francisco... I do not like the traffic. (I also dislike the superfluous use of "the" before freeway #s, but I guess that's the norcal in me. ~_^)

I avoid 405 whenver possible. Actually, I avoid all freeways, whenever possible. But right now I'm unemployed so I have nothing but time. LOL Might as well take the senic route.

WHAT? You're moving too? Sorry so late with this but I've been busy packing, etc. Is it your job or Leo's job that's moving you? How are you going to do Knitty Gritty? I bet those two miss you badly. Missy says Hello!

okay so i'm one of those who never ever comments but i am so with you on this one - for the last two months i've been driving from echo park to playa del rey at 5:30am - in traffic! so wrong.

Traffic is one of the big things that keeps me from moving back home to LA. After walking 3 minutes to work for the past 4 years, I couldn't imagine driving 2 hours to go 10 miles.

Well, people refer to the main surface artery in the South Bay as "The El Camino". Say what?? I guess its a California thing...

You're going to love it in Portland! I just moved from SoCal three months ago, and it's been heaven. And there's yarn *everywhere* here! And the nicest people - of which you will soon be one :-)

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