18 hours in the air, 6 hours in airports and a night in a lovely hotel


I am very fortunate that I'm traveling with people far more important than I am. We got to fly in business class to India,

This was the appetizer for lunch, on the leg to Frankfurt.

I was more pleased than an adult should be.

The seats fully reclined but I didn't take advantage of this until the second flight because I was forcing myself onto India time. There's a 12.5 hour time difference between LA and all of India, which means that 8PM on Monday night (right now in LA) is 8:30 AM on Tuesday morning in India.

It wasn’t hard to stay awake, though. I started knitting a sock and had my pick and choose of in-flight movies to watch on my personal TV.

If you were wondering, I watched Rumor Has It with Arabic subtitles and Walk the Line with Japanese subtitles.

Flying over Germany, there was a part of me that ached to get off there and ditch the rest of my party. It looked so beautiful from above. This is what most of Germany looked like from the direction we came. Obviously, this wasn't the city itself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the trip, but my focus will be work and all I want to do is see the world.

But we arrived without a hitch, exhausted, hot, slightly on edge but no worse for the wear.

At the hotel they greeted us with incense and placed the red dot on our forehead. I'm sure they told us why, but as I wasn't sure my name at the time, the message was lost on me. I've cropped out the exhausted to protect their innocence.

The sight of our hotel rooms was enough to bring a small tear to my eye. The rooms are beautiful, the bath was a delight and the bed had only 2 things missing.

Do you see it? That's right, no Leo or Panda. *sigh*

Alas, we don't stay here. We head to our final destination after breakfast. If the accommodations are half as nice, it'll be an easy stay (with due consideration that there'll be much work to do) and I should be able to post more pictures.


Business class looks NICE. How exciting! Hope you get *some* fun time in with the work.

Sushi on a plane? Whoa. Have a great time. It looks like you're off to a good start.

Wel-Come to India.

Wow - I must remember to travel business class next time. Oh yeah, and find someone to pay for it. Will it be monsoon weather? I had a quick look in my guidebook to see where you are. Pune is and old cantonment near to Mumbai but that is as far as I got.

Also, I do recommend Berlin, it's a fantastic place with amazing ice cream.

I started a sock! It's my first for ages!

yay you made it! i'm impressed you were able to stay up. i can't do that until i'm there and it's daylight.

Now that you're protected by having a bindi on your forehead, you should have an incredible visit. Let us know if you see any great fibers!

Wow, Germany is a multi-shaded patchwork land from above. Cool picture.

Hope you get time to do some sightseeing on your trip -- cuz I'd love to see the pics ;).

Ah, definitey looks like you're traveling in style. I'm sure that you will continue to be treated well throughout the course of your trip. Be sure to make some time for sightseeing. Can't wait to hear more!

Marnie, have a great trip! That picture of Germany is great quilt inspiration, right? Just lovely.

Looks like a fantastic trip so far! thanks for sharing :) Looking forward to more updates.

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