Happy Campers are We


I thought it'd be fun to have my mom send me some pictures from when I was a kid. These totally crack me up and I hope they'll make you smile too.

Catch them all, after the bump.

Here I am at 4 years old. I have no idea what I'm so happy about, by I'm pretty darn happy indeed. It makes one wonder what the parents were putting in my sippy cup back then.

As you can see, I was a crazy liberal even at that age. Look at me sporting a San Francisco t-shirt. Heaven knows, I'd wear it now if I still had it (and were small enough to fit in it).

Here I am at age 5. I'm hugging a black and white doggy puppet. How weird to think I might be hugging a black and white puppy.

Do you notice anything about me in this picture that bears a strong resemblance to a certain muppet?

Here I am at 6. I don't think I was a super serious kid, but man do I look it in this picture.

I'm told that despite my waif like appearance, I could both out eat and bench press your average sumo wrestler. That's some kind of metabolism. I think I've also gone from looking like a muppet to looking like a painter.


Can you find little 8 year old Marnie in the picture?

I still remember the song we sang at Camp Runels.

Some call it fun but some may call it madness

So come along with us and wipe away your sadness.

Happy campers are we, haveing fun 'neith the trees

And when we are gone, we'll remember the song.

Because it's camp camp Runels, camp camp Runels, camp camp Runels, camp camp Runels

I absolutely hated going off to summer camp every year, being a painfully introverted kid, but I think my parents liked the break so, to camp I went. Leo couldn't find me in this picture, for two reasons, one my hair is so straight, and two, I've always told him I was a homely kid and he thinks I look awfully cute in that picture.

In 1986 I was 11 years old. This was as close as I ever got to the 1980's big hair phenomenon. The night before, I had used those bendable soft foam curlers.

Luckily, the hair was not a look I was interested in maintaining. The sweatshirt, however, was a staple of the wardrobe.

But believe it or not, it wasn't all about me during my childhood. I also had a little hellion brother


Here's the little trouble maker looking angelic at 1 year old.

My mom said he was a handful until about the age of 8. I'd argue he was a handful until about the age of 20 (Love you Matt!).

And here he is at the age of 3. He looks really determined here to show you his Garfield.

He is not holding the toy in disgust, we were both big Garfield fans back then. (Don't judge me, you don't know me!) Matt was always rather cherubic in appearance, having those round cheeks and big blue eyes. My mom couldn't bear to cut his hair, so he was frequently mistaken for a girl. And since my mom was a youngest child, Matt was always above reproach, being the smallest in the family. So he'd come tearing through the living room, pick a fight and flee to the safety of the matriarch at which point I'd be scolded for hurting him when he's oh-so-small and delicate. That was when I learned the fine art of emotional torture. (WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

So there's a little slice of Marnie history for you. My mom has offered to send more pictures in the future, so I may start a little photo gallery of itty bitty Marnie pictures, someday.


Awwww!! (And is that you, second in from the right, second row up?)

Aw, what a nice little trip down memory lane!

Way, way too cute!

I think the cuter the little brother, the bigger pain in the ass he is. My little brother stopped traffic he was so cute...and now...well now he's in jail. :\

Do you suppose the paint fumes were making you happy? Sometimes they make me happy.

Hilarious! You look a little like Bob Ross's long lost daughter in that first photo.

aww! that was really cute. I also have a little hellion, er, brother named Matt :)

This was sweet. Hard to believe from looking at that face this is the same brother who ate wasabi!

OMG You were so cute as a little girl! I LOVE little kid pictures. I have a bunch from my Catholic school yearbook (4-6) that are hysterical.

OMG, so cute!! I thought like Carrie that that was you in the second row up, second from the right! Please let us know!

So gorgeous! I love garfield.

So gorgeous! I love garfield.

Those are great! I laughed out loud when I clicked the picture of you huggin Panda, her legs akimbo.

And I won't jusdge you about Garfield if you don't judge me for liking Family Circus for a brief period.

that picture of the dog looks just like my dog. aaaaaaaah

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