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Warning, only read this post if you aren't bothered by politics.

I got a rather angry email last night from someone regarding the Peace is Patriotic blog I started up. If you have some strong feelings, either way, I'd love it if you popped over and left a comment. I'm happy to hear any thoughts, agreeing or disagreeing as long as they are civil and thoughtful. I will deleting anything hateful, from either side of the argument.

We'll now return to our regularly scheduled blogging


good for you! whether i agree with your opinion or not, it's your choice to voice it. while it is his choice to voice his as well, it is also your choice to ignore it, or do as you did, and reply back in a sane, non-dirt-flinging manner. you go girl! (yeah, i know, this hsould have been on the other blog, but i'm lazy, lol)

Lord. That email from Mark is just ridiculous. Your response is eloquent, intelligent, and contains much more consideration than that email deserved! :) I think it's great that you are willing to speak openly and calmly about your political views.

As an army wife, I thank you Marnie for your support for our troops and support for peace. Let's pray that things get better so next year my guy won't end up in Iraq.

I also raise my glass to the first amendment and the downfall of ignorance.

You are such a classy gal! What a great response to someone whose mother obviously didn't teach him good manners like not saying 'fuck you' to women he doesn't know...

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