Well, if you say so


This is cool. My Heritage offers a free face recognition utility online. You upload a picture of yourself, preferably from the front and of fairly high resolution. I uploaded a not-so-terribly-flattering picture of myself that fit the criteria.

Results after the bump


Ooh, that's so cool! :D Apparently I resemble Audrey Tatou, and also the current president of Finland. ;)

That's so fun! My highest match was Alicia Keys (!!) and the little girl from the Harry Potter movies. heee.

You know, I never noticed how much you resembled various Bollywood starlets, but now that I see these pictures...:)

Augh! I tried 2 different pictures of myself and both times the best match was Monica Lewinsky! *hides in shame*

Bwa ha ha! I got Peter O'toole on my first try and Robert Palmer the second time!! Eiwwwwwwww!

How fun, I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for sharing :)

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