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Pas de Valse

So guess who has a new pattern out in the fantastic Twist Collective? Me! Did you guess that already? Is it weird when one answers her own rhetorical questions?

Anyway, the pattern is called Pas de Valse, and it's available in 12 sizes from 30" (to fit 28" bust) to 63" (to fit 61" bust).

Pas de Valse

My hope is that this will be a really versatile piece that will be both flattering and comfortable. It's also a fantastic canvas for showing off a special shawl pin -- just saying.

As always, I'm thrilled to be contributing to Twist and humbled by the beautiful pieces my colleagues have created. Go check out all the pretty now.

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Comments (19)

Absolutely lovely! I love how the fluttery look to the edges. Looks very versatile as well.

Berate self - I can't read! Or rather I didn't even look at the pattern before deciding that I couldn't possibly knit anything like that (needles far too small for my arthritic fingers). I have been toldm however, that it's for size 6 (US) needles so I CAN - and I HAVE (purchased the pattern, that is).
Thanks Marnie.


Love the pattern & yarn (I'm a sucker for BFL - why is it so hard to find?). but, like pixie, I worry about the time needed for a slow knitter like me to knit a largish size - or does the lack of finishing make up for it (I also notice it is knit on largish needles for the yarn weight.) If I cannot wait for the yarn to be dyed to order would Dream In Color Smooshy (almost identical yardage & weight & I can get it in a couple of days from Simply Socks) be a good sub? I'm thinking that their sock yarn that has the metallic bits might be nice to carry to the opera if knit in black. The first opera is the beginning of October & I'd like it for all 8. I already have a lovely shawl pin to wear with it that I bought at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair.


How beautiful! Definitely going into my queue.


It's fabulous. I want to wear this every day when the weather gets cool.

I LOVE it, And I love the size options :-}


One of my favorites!

Marnie! It's absolutely drop.dead.gorgeous! I love the flowy drapiness of it. Really lovely. xo-S.

Love it!

It's beautiful! (Not that I'd expect anything else.) (grin)


I just love this cardigan! Normally I don't buy patterns until I'm ready to knit them, but I had to download this one right away.

Great job!


I'm loving all the pretty. PdV is a good one to transition into fall, for sure. This was a great issue, and I always look forward to seeing what you and Kat have for each season!


I love both the pattern and the way you've shown just how flexible it is. Any sweater that has an interesting shape yet works as a canvas for jewelry -- or even for found objects such as chopsticks -- is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

The only thing your picture gallery is missing is an image of how versatile the design looks accessorized with a pup.

Really beautiful Marnie and I love all it's versatility!

Congrats! It looks lovely.

I love this design! I definately have to knit this soon, would be perfect for a wedding I am going to attend in september. Though I wonder about the 18 sts gauge, is the yarn held double?

I echo pixie's "want want want" but until or unless someone can sort out my poor arthritic fingers I haven't got a hope. Any needles smaller than about a size six are an absolute no-no these days. Any nice shawl patterns on LARGE needles? Which prompts me to ask whether any designer produces fashionable stuff that us oldies can make either for ourselves or for presents?

I am totally lusting after both the pattern and the yarn. Want want want. Fingering weight though? Would it take a long time to knit? its soooo pretty.


omg! this pattern is so beautiful and versatile. you do amazing work...


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