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Saving up for a Wooly Winder


Note: If you tried purchasing before and couldn't, I am sorry. I think I've fixed the issue. Thank you!

Yup, I want me a Wooly Winder for El Matchador and I've decided that with unemployment looming in my future, I should approach this acquisition with some forethought. Wow, I sound almost like a grown up (let us not speak of the impulsive way in which El Matchador was procured).

One way I hope to save up my pennies is by selling my silly little Sculpey creations. I know, I'm no Amyville, nor am I trying to be. She is in a class of her own. But if any of those little guys appeal to you, including my newest addition, the Itty Bitty Sheepy Beads:

Then head on over to the For Sale page.

It's that time of year

I try not to whore stuff too often around here, but I hope you'll cut me a little slack. For those of you still trying to find a few last minute gifts, perhaps something here will seem good. There are quite a few items that are under $10, yay! I can also make special adjustments if you like. If you see something with a small image on the pocket and you want a big image on the back, I can probably do that for ya. Just leave a comment.

Anyway, I have a few categories of items. Just click the image to get to them.




Ok, commercial's over, back to normal bloggy content.

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