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The new digs


Thanks for stopping by the new blog. I'll keep the old blog up, so all the old links still work, but anything I had there is also over here, so I hope you'll stay, subscribe to the RSS feed and, of course, leave comments if you feel so inclined.

Since you're here, you may have noticed the new look. Over the past few months, I've been taking some courses; one on designing for mobile and another on developing for mobile. There was a big focus in something called, responsive web design, which is any design whose layout adapts to the screen width and device. If you narrow and widen your browser screen (I'm assuming you're on a desktop), you'll be able to see the design reflow accordingly. If you are viewing this on a tablet or phone, hopefully, the design is easy to read without zooming in and panning. That's the idea, at least, and hopefully, I'll be able to continually tweak the design to make it better.

In honor of the redesign, I'm offering 20% off of everything in my ravelry shop, using the promo code, redesign13. Just use it when you get to the ravelry checkout. This doesn't apply to Twist or Stitch Diva patterns, since I do not sell those directly.


We're doing some other sprucing up around here. Leo installed some rain gutters on our fence and filled them with strawberries, lettuces, and other veggies.


I'm pretty excited to see how this works out. We've already made a few salads from the lettuces and the strawberries are high enough that Darwin has not been able to decimate those. The ones on the ground, though, we have to watch like a hawk. He doesn't care if they are green, he will eat ALL THE STRAWBERRIES, which I suppose is decimating times ten, but you knew what I meant.

The plum tree we planted soon after we moved in, is now big enough to bear fruit and we're seeing lots and lots of baby plums.


We've got tons of other veggies and herbs growing in our raised beds and other little garden patches throughout the yard and a couple other young fruit trees that should be bearing fruit in a couple years. We have pretty much no idea what we're doing but each year, that becomes ever so slightly less so.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by the new site and the new blog. If there's anything wonky that you think I should know about, feel free to use the contact link to let me know.


It's here, at least in Oregon and it's lovely so far.

April 25_Depoe Bay_Oregon_07

This rock has a heart on for spring and I have a juvenile sense of humor

Spring means more trips to the beach.

Did you catch that excited whimper out of Darwin?

And more playing in the yard

I think D is aerating the lawn a little too effectively

And renovations.

Repainting room_02

New wiring and an end to that pepto pink closet, in the works

And maybe a little something else getting an overhaul, too.

Coming soon, if I ever finish doing all the things

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