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I have a new pattern, Arctium, a lacy crescent shawl shown in two different fingering weight sock yarns. The pattern is worked from the top-down, in one continuous piece, using a true lace, pattern that has pattern stitches on both right and wrong side rows. Don't be intimidated, though, there are only a couple of stitches you need to know, and every charted page, has a key on it, so you won't be flipping back and forth to remember which stitch is what.



The pattern is 6 pages, plus a cover, with large charts, a schematic, and a detailed blocking guide to ensure you get great results. I even include some tips for making the shawl larger, if you'd like.



As you can see, even though they are each made with a single skein of fingering weight yarn, these shawls weigh a million pounds, though most of that weight is shame felt only by pets. Actual weight and yardage is supplied on both the ravelry page and in the pattern.

IMG_3285 IMG_3292

Coming soon


Arctium Coming Soon

When I was learning to knit, lace is what hooked me in, and that joy and satisfaction haven't waned. What's not to love about pairing yarn overs and decreases to form beautiful shapes and an airy fabric? Between Tangerine Trees and waiting patiently for my next deadline project yarn, I had just enough time to design something in lace that would use up some of my stash of hand dyed sock yarn.

The pattern is in the capable hands of a tech editor, while I put the finishing touches on the layout and photography. I hope to have this bad boy live by the end of the week.

Om nom nom


Darwin says, make sure to get at least three servings of fruits and veggies every day. And if it's possible, try to get your siblings' servings of fruits and veggies too.




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