Saturday, August 06, 2005

New and Exciting Troop Project

The August through October issue of Cast On is out and what a wonderful article on supporting the troops stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo.

Winter is on the way and troops need wool helmet liners to keep warm. Many are exposed to winds and bitter cold during the winter months. Riding in open trucks and humvees, they often encounter sub zero wind chills. Military issued head gear is made of synthetic material and is not as warm as wool

Patterns are available:

Knit AND crochet patterns are available at

The site includes information for mailing completed helmet liners for expedited delivery overseas. If you have any questions email

I'm a busy girl knitting for the Pendleton moms already, and (sigh) I feel obligated to send as many helmet liners as possible. I can only pray that peace comes quickly and our troops can come home and I can get back to knitting for my family and friends.
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