Monday, June 13, 2005

Helping the new moms at Camp Pendleton

There is a small group of women that have joined hands and are knitting sweaters, hats and booties that are going to Camp Pendleton. These baby items are being distributed by an outreach group to all the pregnant and new moms who are in need.

We are looking for more knitters that will help with this really important project. Many of the women that we are serving are living at the governmenntal poverty level. I can't imagine how hard that has to be, nor can I even begin to imagine the stress that they are enduring knowing that their husbands are in extreme risk.

If you can help with a sweater, a baby blanket, a hat, or booties, kindly let me know. I can supply you with patterns. You will have to send your items to me for shipping to San Diego.
I may be able to get a direct address for you to do the shipping. I will pay for the shipping to San Diego out of my pocket.

There is something almost magical in the knitting of a baby sweater. They make me feel so good and can you imagine how the new mom will feel knowing that someone cares about her plight.
I do have tags that are being attached to the sweaters for washing instructions. We invite the knitters to add their names and addresses to the tags, or if you prefer, just a very short message.

Thanks so much for considering this project. I have no financial support to do this, but that doesn't matter. My husband and I are okay and we can pick up the incidental costs to support this program.

Best regards to all knitting bloggers.


Eva said...

You would be amazed at how many people who work for the government, be it military, federal, or state, who are at or below the poverty line. It's very distressing.

10:31 AM  
Di said...

Having once worked for the State of CA, I am not a novice at living at the poverty level. I commiserate with anyone that has to live in such conditions and that is why I've decided to step up and help those military wives with gifts to help them with their new babies.

Military is, however, even worse. Funny thing - I did reserve military service to augment my State salary!!

2:23 PM  
Chrissy said...

Di... can you give send me an address to mail the baby items to, please... you can email thanks.

9:00 AM  
Patti said...

let us know how we can help
Soldiers Angels

4:26 PM  
Di said...

helping with project has been made to be a very simple thing. Knit a sweater, cap, booties, blanket, or any other item for a baby. Send it to me and I will follow through and ship everything to San Diego.

There are a number of expectant moms at Camp Pendletom who really need help, and as i have said before, they're living an extreme hell and need the help. I can't imagine the stress of being pregnant, living at or below the federal poverty level, and not knowing if the husband and father of the baby is coming home. It's really more to bare that what most women do when they are pregnant. This is a time that is supposed to be happy and fulfilling and yet they sit and wonder and wait and worry not just occasionally, but every waking minute. I'm hoping that bloggers will step up and pitch in and try to make things a little easier. We need those knitted items. Fall is coming with cooler, damper, windy weather. What we are doing won't erase the fears these women bare, but it will make life a little easier knowing they have enough to get their new family properly clothed.
Best Regards,

9:09 AM  

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